Thursday, July 15, 2010

Court Part 2

Well, I'm starting to realized that the whole legal system is s.l.o.w.  Our first courtdate, we discussed custody and visitation.  The second one was all about child support (which I got more than I expected, so I'm pretty stoked about that).  I don't know what will be next, but could this crap be over soon please.  For one,  I can't keep paying my lawyer (but I will because he is awesome), and for two, I'm so over all this crazy BS.

In all my brilliance, I figured I would get there early and have my lawyer put me into a conference room like he suggested.  Half an hour early, an Fisher was already there!  So I went in and sat down.  I will admit, I should have sat farther away, but I thought a couple of seats between us would be a bit of a buffer.  Nope.  He started in talking to me.   I tried to shut him down, but he kept going. Then, he asked a very silly question. 

Here's the backstory: My best f riend's son's graduation party is this weekend.  It's Fisher's weekend to have the girls.  we had talked about it the night before. The party run from 12-3 and I told him to come at 2pm to pick up the girls.  He said "I was invited to the whole party".   I asked if he was really going to come and sit there for 3 hours and he said maybe.  Now, anybody who has ever been to one knows that graduation parties are like open houses- you go a for a abit and then leave.  But whatever.  He's gonna do whatever he wants. I told him that people would probably be really uncomfortable with us both there for three hours (I'm helping with the set up, clean and general party stuff)

Silly question from Fisher:  "Why do you think people would be uncomfortable?"

I got up and walked out into the hall.  I stood there, just to be away from him.  A few minutes later, he came out.  Pretty convenient that his lawyer was out there.  So, then I went back into the waiting room.  A few minutes later, he came in and sat down two seats away.  I turned my back to him when he asked "Can we talk" and said that we could not.

When my lawyer finally got a chance to "rescue" me, he put me in a conference room.  We talked for a bit and then he left to check on some things and I stayed.  After about 5 minutes, Fisher stuck his head in and asked if we could talk.  I said "no,  I'm waiting for my lawyer.  You need to go." and he said (another funny thing) "Well, I just though we could do this amicably."  yeah, right.

Fisher's lawyer is good as stalling.  They wanted to hagle over the child support amount, how I would get it, and even suggested a reconcilliation hearing.  My lawyer said "My client doesn't want that but file if you must".  Ultimately, we came out of there after about an hour and I was $75 a week richer that I expected.  NICE.

I don't know when part three will be but I will be sure to keep you posted.


Amy said...

Yep, those inevitable gatherings that you will have to both be in the same place at one functions, sporting events, etc. THey are uncomfortable and I hate(d) them. I thought once they were grown I'd be safe but then everyone reminds me how they will get married, have kids, etc and want both parents there...together. I guess it never ends, they will always be the father of our children.

Good luck to you...yet again! :)

Unknown said...

Thats a sad thing to deal with. All the luck to you!