Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Court Today

I've got great Rick pix to share and a funny story or two about the weekend, plus next week is Lyric's American Idol audition, but today is our second court date.

The first one, Fisher ended up behind me as I parked, and he walked into the courthouse with me and sat by me and talked to me and tried to convince me the whole time that we should not be doing this.

I met with my lawyer a couple of weeks ago and he said I could ask to be put into a conference room.  Sweet!  I've had enough of being badgered by my "was-band".

Last night he dropped the girls off at 9 and wanted to talk. again.  he always wants to talk.  Always wants to tell me how much he loves me and how much he's changed and how thing will be so different and so wonderful now that he's sober.  (which I only partially believe.  I don't think he's quit drinking 100%).  I gave him a few minutes of my time, unwillingly, but ultimate had to ask him to leave.  Kicked him out really.  I feel bad for him for not realizing that things were so bad and I was so unahppy, but I'm not going back now.  I don't even like to be in the same room with him, let alone try to "fix" our marriage.

Then this morning I get "I can't do this without you".  Too freakin' bad.  Because I can do this without you, and there is no way in hell that you are going to guilt me into coming back.  I feel so much better about myself since I moved out.  I feel freer, smart, happier.  I don't have to hid parts of who I am (like my Rick "issue"), or who my friends are, or what I think and feel.  I don't have to worry about how clean the house is, because I only answer to me.  And guess what, I like me.  I get along great with me.  I make me happy.  And that is a wonderful thing.

So, court update and Rick pix to come....stay tuned.


Amy said...

Glad to hear you are happier. As I have said before, divorce is hard and a rough thing to handle, but it looks like you are handling it well.

Best of luck to you!

lynn said...

I didn't know about the drinking part. I have had way too much experience with that in my family, my dad mostly. You're probaly right on in not believing he's quit. Doesn't happen that easily.

Anyway, glad things are better and you are feeling better and happier!!