Thursday, February 25, 2010

My New Life

Things have been very VERY crazy at the Random House.  But good things are coming, I just know it. 
I recently moved out of the house with my girls.  We are staying with my parents.  You may have read the earlier post about the school/job thing.  That is related to my kiddos.

Lyric has been battling some depression/anxiety issues and that has taken up a major part of my energy and time for the past month.  She is doing better now.  Has been back at school for 4 days.  Is taking her meds regularly.  We still just take it one day at a time.

Jazz is trying to adjust to things but we are still in transition and she has good and bad days.

I decided not to do the PartyLite thing because I couldn't even manage enough business for a decent sized party.  However, since I am a huge fan of Avon products and I was spending a bunch of my money there anyway, I signed up to be an Avon rep.  You can check out my site at  If you want to sign up to do an eparty, let me know.  The first person to sign up will get a special gift from me.

I will go back to school in August.  I will start looking for a new position in June.  We should be moving into a new apartment around May 1st.  I'm going to see Rick in July.

See, even with all the bad stuff,  I can still find good stuff to look forward to.  If you are so inclinded, pray for me as I take the next steps on my life's journey.

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Final Countdown

This is my last week as a secretary.  Next Monday (well, after jury duty), I go back to being a CNA.  I'm excited and scared about the change.  I'm nervous about not doing a good job (I am a little out of practice)  but looking forward to learning (and relearning) things.  I will be going back to working every other weekend, but that means more time off during the week.  (Can you say quiet time to study?!?)  Also, I won't need to use personal time for doctor appointments and stuff because I can do it on my days off.

I'm planning a weekend away with my mom and my girls in the near future, as well as a Mommy Day Away.  Just a quick overnight by myself.  Yup, that's right.  Nobody but me.  And don't call me because unless it's something I deem an emergency, I ain't gonna respond.  I know that's a little selfish, and I know you moms are thinking "How the hell can I get one of those?"  Just do it!  You deserve it.  Trust me, somebody can handle your kids for 24-36 hours.  Really, they can.  If you do end up making this happen, please feel free to stop back by and comment about it.