Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rock of Love

I have decided that Rock of Love really is a guilty pleasure. I love watching it. I love seeing what craziness the girls will come up with. I love to see people who really think that they can fall in love by MASS DATING! But then, the mom in me kicks in. Bret Michaels (who I love!) has two daughters. So what I want to know is 1) what are they going to think in a few years (okay 20?!) when they see how daddy and their step mom got together and 2) what would he say if those were his daughters on a show like that shaking their stuff and hanging all over some guy, on TV, for the whole world to see. Come on Bret, really. Did you think of the long term effects before you signed on?? At least Scott Baio just looks stupid (but he really grew up when he became a father).

I figured out the spin for Rock of Love 3 (you know it's going to happen). I think they should bring back Bret's favorite 2 from seasons 1 and 2, and also put a "mole" in the house. She's to go to girl. Nobody will know that she is the mole, but she'll be there getting the goods and reporting back to Bret. Sort of like Heather has been doing the past couple of weeks. So at the final episode, it will be the mole and the real winner. Come on VH1, what do you think?

Once a Slacker....

I wanted to do this daily thing, but it doesn't always work that way. I have a couple of good post ideas so check back later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

photo credits

in the video below, the photos were taken by Rhonda Hunt. She graciously shared them with her friends and I hope she's not upset that I used them for my sample video. Rhonda, if it's not okay, I can pull the video.

This new site I read about is you use your photos and their music, or your own, and create these videos. you can do 30 sec ones or full length. Like I need anything else to help me spend time on the computer. :-)

New Video

I think I'm gonna love this

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

websites I know, love, visit regularly

You knew this was coming after yesterday's post right. here's a list of website off the top of my head. (i have to check my daily dose of entertainment news) (nice way for organizations to earn some money. I'm currently supporting Safe Kids) (gotta follow along with what's going on in WI :-) (usually I get update notifications via a google alert, but I still surf over the site to be sure) (Paula is a fellow Rick fan and we have some other things in common so I enjoy checking out what's going on in her life) (Ally's super cool site!)

I guess that's all for now. Feel free to surf on over and check out any of the above lists. You never know what you might find.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's not quite daily post- Books I Am Reading

yes, all at the same time.
* Sam's Letters To Jennifer- James Patterson
* Four Blind Mice- James Patterson
*Losing It-Valerie Bertinelli
*Heaven in your eyes- Can't remember the author
*Seaview Inn- Sherryl Woods
*Naughty Neighbor- Janet Evanovich (
(I'm sure the other authors have websites as well, I just don't know them for sure off the top of me head- oooh, I know what tomorrow's post is going to be!)

and occassionally, picking up the good old Microbiology book- Spring Break is over, People. Gotta get back to learnin'.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barbara Delinsky Books

Hey, there blog readers. Today's list is Barbara Delinksy books that I would recommend. Now, they might not be your favorites, but they are mine. They are all books that I have read more than once, and I'm sure I will read again.

In no particular order:
Coast Road (see what happens when mom can't take care of the kids)

Together Alone (see what happens when your only child goes to college)

A Woman's Place (see what happens when a woman is torn away from her kids)

The Secret Between Us (okay, so I haven't read this more than once, but I'm sure that I will)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

List for 3/12/08 Concerts I have been to....Especially Rick ones

Rick Springfield Concerts

7/18/82 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI
5/28/00 navy Pier, Chicago, IL
7/30/00 Ridgefest, Chicago Ridge, IL
11/2/00 Zanzibar Empress Casino, Joliet, IL
11/15/00 Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, Milwaukee, WI
(Four in one year- holy moly!)
3/7/02 Potawatomi again
6/1/02 Navy Pier (again)
5/22/03 Potawatomi (again)
6/13/03 Aquafest, Rice Lake, WI
7/11/04 Beloit River Fest, Beloit, WI
2/18/05 Coronado Theater, Rockford, IL (Home town show!)
5/13/05, Pot (again)
5/12/06, Pot (again)
5/11/07, Pot (again)
7/7/07, Frontier Days, Arlington Heights, IL

That's 15 lifetime total, with 1-2 more planned for this year...Party On!

I have also seen, in no particular order: Whitesnake, ACDC, Rush, White Lion, Ozzy, Stryper, Extreme, Bon Jovi (I could so see them again), Alter Bridge (twice so far), Another Animal, Hall and Oates, Kiss, WASP (opened for Kiss), Mr. Big

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lifetime To Do List

Some of the things on my list are:

* meet Rick Springfield
* meet Barbara Delinksy (does a phone call count???)
* publish a book
* graduate from college
* watch my girls graduate from high school
* celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary
* travel to Australia
* watch girls graduate from college
* attend 20, 30, 40 high school reunion

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A month of posts....

I'm not a great bloggerator...I'm not even good. I logged in and was mad that my last blog wasn't here. Of course it's not here, it's over at nablopomo. DUH! anyway, my list for today is ..huh, I got nothing. I can't think of a list of anything right now. My brain is on autopilot and apparently the autopilot is not working very well.

So, I'll try to think of a good list to post tonight or tomorrow, or the next day.....or any other days in March for that matter. I'm going to also have to figure out where I'm going to blog consistently.

Oh, oh, list, list. I just thought of a list.

Blogs I check daily (Without links)
Lynn's Life
Paula's Place
Amy's blog
Grey's Anatomy Insider
Rick Springfield and US (okay, not everyday, but I do get updates as they happen so that counts right??)

So, there you go. There's my list for today. I think I'm 2 for 6. I guess I better step it up.