Friday, July 30, 2010

Back To School

Next week is registration week for our school district.  All the schools, all week, all at once.  Which is hard enough for me, but I feel bad for the families with 3, 4, or 5 kids.  You have to pay all registration fees at registration.  Who has that kind of money?? Not to mention school supplies and clothes and lunch account money and school pix and yearbooks head is spinning.

This year, Jazz is the one who is excited about going back to school.  Lyric is sooo not into it.  But she did have a bad year last year, so I think there's a little stigma from that.  She is, overall, doing better.  We have gotten her off two of the meds that she was on before.  And the doctor is hoping at some point that we can get her off of at least one, if not two more.

Jazz is going into 6th grade.  In most places that is middle school.  MIDDLE SCHOOL! The thought makes me want to cry.  She's my baby.  I can't even believe she's old enough to go to middle school.  Thank goodness our district has 1st through 6th at the elementary school.  It gives me one more year before I have to panic.  Which I totally will, because when Jazz goes to middle school, Lyric will be a junior.  And being a junior is just one year away from being a senior.  And I really, really don't feel old enough to have kids that grown up.  Wasn't I just in high school like 5 years ago??

Anyway, I bought notebooks, folders and pencils for the kids.  Now I need to break out the list and go get the rest of the stuff.  Glue, crayons, markers, paints, etc, etc, etc.  Now if I can just get my work/school stuff figured out...Then some of my stress will go away.


lynn said...

Well, if you're not that old neither am I!! Back to school costs are crazy. I can't believe how much is on their school supply list.......half of which they barely use! We're "recycling" a lot of stuff left from last year.

Glad Lyric is doing better. Hope this school year goes smoother for her.

Unknown said...

Back to school starts soon here and we havent done anything to prepare! Going to attempt school supplies tomorrow. I have to kids to pay for registration and it is crazy what the fees are and then they want more for books and whatnot after they start!!