Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being an author

I found this list today of my "works in progress" and I thought I'd share it with the world.

The one that is closest to being done ( i just need a few short hours to complete the edit!) is called "A Soft Impeachment". It is the story of Derek and Abbi, well, mostly it's Abbi's story. But Derek is there. (See the entry below)

"Smalltown" is a sequel to "A Soft Impeachment" but it's also a stand alone story. It's the story of Abbi's sister, Stephanie and her husband, Todd. She does everything she can to help her husband be happy, but is it enough??

"Stranger in the House" is Sarah and Steve. Sarah is an author, Steve is a business man. They've been married for close to 20 years. And then a stranger shows up. But is he really a stranger? Steve is Todd's cousin, but again this is a stand alone story.

"Affair of the Heart" is Kim's story. She's happy, she's content, she's settled. But her husband isn't. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.

"Divine Providence" is Andi's story. Andi starts as a pregnant teenager. Read this story and watch trials life throws her way.

"Six Things" is a short story, or at least I think it will end up that way. It is inspired by "Lucky Seven". You know, that Lifetime movie staring Patrick Dempsey and Kimberly Williams Paisley. But it's a little different. Two sisters got the same "Instructions" from their mom. See how it works out for them.

Okay, so there's my stuff. Several people have read A Soft Impeachment or parts of it. Melissa has read the first chapter of Stranger in the House, but I think the rest has been pretty private up til now.

What do you think?? Anybody interested?? I haven't decided what I will work on completing after ASI in done, so if you have interest in a specific one. If I chose it, you might get mentioned in the book.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Venus Is In Overdrive

Today is the day. Venus In Overdrive is officially released...out into the world....I received my copy yesterday (thank you Best Buy) and I love it. Today's the day that counts. Last I checked it was #25 in music at What the heck are you waiting for?? Go buy a copy (Kmart, Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy) or order a copy (,, even As a long time Rick fan, I would love to see him hit the mainstream again.

There's a nice variety of songs- slow, fast, pounding guitars, I hear a little Stevie Ray Vaughn influence and a bit o' the Beatles. But it is all Pure Rick Springfield. Go get your copy TODAY. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The National Anthem

Lyric sang the National Anthem this weekend at a baseball game. I'll have a youtube link to it in the next couple of days. Let me know if you would like to see it. She did a really good job. Everybody was amazed. A lady came up to her after and gave her this story: "My son is supposed to sing the National Anthem at (****) in a couple of weeks, but we'll be out of town. Would you be willing to sub for him if I give them your name?" Of course she is willing to do it, are you kidding me??! The only issue I have is this: it's the same night as my 20 year class reunion (I know you think I'm not old enough for that and thanks!). Fisher wants to hear her at that venue. I would, if we didn't have plans. So now I'm torn. The reunion dinner needs to be paid for this week. We don't live close enough to do both. We could skip the dinner and just go to the party. Hmmmm, so many things to think about.

Oh, by the way, Our team won!

7/30/08 update- Looks like the 2nd showing of the National Anthem is on. Not sure if I'll make it to the performance or the reunion, but Fisher is definitely not going to the reunion. If Lyric gets another gig, I'm telling people that I'm having shirts made up. "The 'Lyric' National Anthem Tour" with all the dates on the back. She's so humble though, that might freak her out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Many Shows Have You Been To??

I've been trying to compile a list of the Rick Springfield concerts I've been to, along with a set list if I can find it. It's definitely a work in progress. But here's the actual list. Where, when and who I went with.

Dane County Coliseum (Now has a new name), Madison, WI
With Barb. This is the show that started it all

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
with hubby, and Jody

Ridgefest, Chicago Ridge, IL
with sister in law, niece and oldest daughter

Zanzibar EWmpress Casino, Joliet, IL
hubby, Jody, Ron and Dana (GREAT SHOW- Hubby even admitted it was entertaining, however, he doesn't like to admit that he has seen Rick in concert more than once)

Potawatomi, Milwaukee, WI
Jody (I think this was the show that she called me two days before and TOLD me I was going. She had already cleared it with hubby!)

Potawatomi, Milwaukee, WI
Chris, Kelley
(This show was 2 weeks after my emergency appendectomy. hubby was joking that that doctor hadn't released me to travel, I told him the tickets were bought and I was going. I actually drove there and back!)

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Chris, Sarah and Melissa (Kelley was supposed to go, but ended up working that night so I called her at work.) I loved this venue and I wish Rick would go there again. Drive time for me is about the same as to MKE, but I jsut love the outdoorness, openness of this venue!)

Potawatomi, MKE, WI

Aqua Fest, Rice Lake, WI
Technically went with hubby and the kids, but I was the only one IN the area. They sat back behind the gates for awhile, then headed back to our resort. We started our vacation a day early this year so I could go to this show. hubby's cousin lives in Rice Lake and she suggested it. It was so worth it. I made it on stage and in the paper....I wonder if I can find that clipping?!??!)

Beloit Riverfest, Beloit, WI
Chris, Kelley, Diana, Melissa, Laura
This was by far my FAVORITE show/venue ever! IT was outside, by the river. The fans were great. The show was great. The weather was great. I have an awesome picture of all of us together. This was just a really fun night. and it was the first time Kelley got to touch him. (I really have created a monster!)

Coronado Theater, Rockford, IL
Kelley, Melissa, Dina, and my mom plus we met up with some other friends before and after. This was a fun night too. We were all a bit scattered because we had bought tickets, then Melissa and I both won tickets from the radio station. I want to know what happened to winning tickets from the radio station and being up front, though. Our seats ended up being in the balcony. This is the show that was filmed for HD. Nice of Rick and the boys to come to my town for once.

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
Kelley (are you seeing a theme yet??)

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
Kelley (continued theme)

Potawatomu, MKE, WI
Kelley (duh) and Melissa
This was the first year that we stayed over. It was great. Nice to hang out at Blu after the show and just not have to drive back home a midnight.

Frontier Days, Arlington Heights, IL
Melissa, Hallie, Lyric, Baby, and Kelley and her hubby!
This was a free show and I have to say thanks to Carey for getting there early and saving spots or we would have been in the back forty!

Potawatomi, MKE, WI
guess who? Kelley and Melissa and Lynn meet us there
Stayed over again this year. Got to meet some more people (Ally, it was soo nice to meet you and I'm glad we have a great pix to commemorate it!) This was also the show that we all (Kelley, Melissa and Myself) got to meet Rick after the show. Memories, memories, memories!

Monday, July 21, 2008

That's Right...It's My Blogoversary!

Who knew when I started this blog two years ago, on a whim, that it would still be up and running today. And being inspiring to some, entertainment to some, and a link to more/new information for some. It's by no stretch the most read blog, but the fact that it is read at all is amazing to me. I wish I had more witty things to say, but I ain't that witty.

I wanted to do a cool giveaway, but, I don't have anything to share...yet. I may be having a couple of give aways in the future, and let's say, if you like to read, you might want to get in on them. :-)

So, anyway, happy blogoversary to me. Here's to 2 more!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Site Makeover

Thanks to Lynn for posting the information after she updated her blog. I've done a bit of a makeover and I hope you like what I've done with the place! I did lose a couple of things so I'm still "unpacking" as it were and getting everything put "on the walls". I'll have a link to the site/blog that I got the blog makeover informatioin from as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables

I had such a mom moment last night, and Baby finally hit with a great bit of sarcasm. I was so proud of her. Here's the scenario.

Fisher offered to take the girls to DQ (Dairy Queen) if they both spent some time reading. I bumped it up a bit and said they had to eat some corn with dinner as well. (These two things did not happen at the same time, mind you.) baby loves corn and actually had 3 spoonfuls. Lyric on the other hand, hates corn, and was going to try to get up from the table without eating it. Hence mom's rule that there would be no DQ unless the corn was consumed.

Now, I'm not really a meany, and I don't force food on either of them. I had a really bad thing happen when I was 5 and I still don't eat peas. Can you say "Negative food adversion". (Learned that in A & P!) Anyway, Lyric can and will eat corn occassionally and I didn't need her to eat the whole bowl. Just something to make me feel like they have some sort of balanced diet.

Anyway, Lyric gets up from the table to clear her plate, I'm in the other room. "Did you eat your corn?"
"Yes, and Baby is my witness."
at that moment, Baby pipes up with "What corn??" in all seriousness and straightfacedness she can muster.

I laughed loud, long and hard. It was perfect. It was a moment for the memory books (or at least mom's blog). After Lyric went to her room to read, Baby asked "Mom, was that really a good one?" I told her it was the best! And it made me laugh all over again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Soft Impeachment- Preview 2

Abbi had to take a package to Derek while he was working.
It was a slightly overcast day as she made her way around the pool,
heading towards the studio. She had left the boys in the family room
playing videos games, and she hoped that the rain would hold out
until she got back into the house. She wondered if Derek had ever
considered a tunnel from the house to the studio. It wasn’t a long
walk, but it could be a wet one if there was a bad enough storm.
The studio was located on the far side of the house, around the
pool and behind the garage. Derek loved having the studio here,
because if he worked late, it was only a few minutes until he was in
bed, verses a long drive across town. He also had a guest cottage in
case any of his clients needed to stay after a late night.
Abbi had the package in both hands and wobbled a little on
the small walk. She made it to the studio and she shifted the package
to a hip so that she could knock and opened the door almost
simultaneously. Derek was sitting at the mixing board.
“Oh, Derek. I didn’t know you had somebody in here
She couldn’t really tell who was sitting next to Derek. Derek
leaned back in his chair, hands behind head and smiled.
“What’s up, Abbi?” he asked casually.
Abbi froze. She looked past Derek and was looking into the
sparkling green eyes of Rick Springfield.
“Abbi! Hey! What’s up?” Derek asked again.
“Oh, um, sorry. I was just bringing out this package from
Jack that just came.”
“Thanks. We’ve been waiting for those,” Derek said and
Rick nodded.
It was then that Rick stood and came towards her. She felt
like she was twelve. She was frozen in her spot, watching him get
closer and closer. He quickly stuck out his hand.
“You must be Abbi. Nice to meet you. I’m Rick.”
“Springfield,” she said softly, shaking his hand.
“Yup, that’s me.” He threw a look over his should. “She’s
cute, Derek. And very articulate, too.”
Derek chuckled as he watched Abbi. She was still frozen,
staring up at Rick, not quite holding, but still touching his hand.
“Um, Derek, I gotta go. But here’s the package from Jack
that just came.”
“I know. You already said that.”
“Oh. Yeah. Okay then. I gotta go.” She slowly pulled her
hand out of Rick’s and clumsily backed towards the door. “Bye.”
“Nice to meet you, Abbi,” Rick said.
“you, too.” she was a walking bowl of jelly as she left the
studio. She heard Derek’s deep laugh as the door shut.
When Derek returned to the house later, he found Abbi
reading in the den. The boys were in bed, and she was curled up on
the sofa with just the table lamp on.
“Hey, Abbi. How was your day?” He asked sitting next to
her feet.
“Rick said you were cute and seemed very nice.”
Abbi’s cheeks flamed. “What?”
Derek was grinning. “He said you were cute.”
Abbi knew that he was teasing her. At least she hoped he was.
“Derek, I’m so sorry. I’ve never acted like that before. I’ve never
been star struck. But if anybody was going to do it, he would be the
one. I feel like such and idiot.”
“You should have told me you were a fan. I would have
introduced you weeks ago.”
“weeks?” she squeaked. “He’s been coming here for weeks?”
She threw here head back and moaned.
“Abbi, I do believe that you are blushing.”
She playfully punched his arm. “I don’t blush.”
“Oh, but I think you do.”
“I’m so embarrassed.”
“Don’t be. And you know what? Rick was right. You are
kind of cute.”

The book will soon be available through I'll be sure to post a link here once it's ready to go!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's Victoria's Secret?

Here's a video of Rick Springfield's newest single....The new CD will be released 7/29/08. Order now at

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Abbi and Derek

Here's the first few pages of "A Soft Impeachment". After doing a quick review last night, I noted that this book is ALMOST FINISHED! Here's a teaser for you. Let me know what you think.

“Why couldn’t anything go right today?” Abbi thought to herself. She had woke up late, nearly ran out of gas on the way to school, and then one of the kids had thrown up in the doorway to the
room. Now she was running behind with her conferences and all she really wanted to do was go home, get into her pajamas and forget this day ever happened.
She was glad that she was finishing school. This was the end of her last semester, her student teaching semester. It had been a long haul. She started college right out of high school, but she had always worked while she was taking classes. She was twenty-five and finally going to be a college graduate. The kids had been great and she was feeling good about her decision to go into teaching.
She always thought she looked good in yellow and today she needed the bright color to keep her spirits up. She had two conferences left, and then she was done. Tomorrow was her meeting
with her instructor and graduation was a week from Saturday.
Ally’s parents arrived and her brain returned to teacher mode. She looked down and ran her hands over her sweater.
“Hi, Ms. Went,” Abbi greeted Ally’s mom. Abbi lead her to the back of the room and they sat at the table. Ally’s mom had helped in the classroom for the Valentine’s party and had chaperoned a couple of field trips. Abbi was comfortable with her. It helped that they were close to the same age and she didn’t have any concerns with Ally’s progress this year.
They were leaning over the table when Abbi felt eyes on her. She fought the reflex to see who was looking at her. She kept her head down and her voice low. She tried to concentrate on what she was saying and make sure that it really made sense. She hoped she was accomplishing that.
Abbi stood up to get a packet off her desk and when she turned back she was able to get a glimpse of the man staring at her from the doorway.
He seemed nervous, hands in pockets, rocking on his heels. He was scanning the room with his gaze but his eyes kept returning to her. He was tall, firm, muscled, and handsome. He had a white tee peaking out from under a black fitted sweater. His blue jeans looked nearly painted on. He had a smile on his face and a look in his eyes that said his thoughts weren’t really in that room.
Abbi sat back down, trying to finish quickly. She felt his eyes hold on her. Or maybe she had imagined it. He was really staring at her now, was he?
She walked Ms. Went to the door and said goodbye.
“Mr. Alexander? Hi, I’m Abbi Hamilton. Come on in,” she gestured. She hadn’t meet Mr. Alexander before this and she was a little nervous. She knew that he was a famous record producer. Abbi walked across the room and hoped that he was following. He did, and when they got to the table, she gestured for him to sit.
They sat across from each other and she looking into his dark, green eyes. She sucked in a quick breath. When she realized she was holding it, she slowly let it out.
“Mr. Alexander, Lucas has done really well this year. He does good work and he is very smart, but he has moments where he seems to lose focus. I think he could do great next year, but I’d hate for him to lose any skills over the summer.”
“uh, huh…”
Abbi chuckled softly.
“What?” he asked, somewhat startled.
“Now I see where he gets it from.” She smiled at him.
“Anyway, here is what we’ve been working on.” She went over tests and class work. She subconsciously leaned forward to show him the report card. She smelled his cologne and fought the urge to inhale.
“These are the areas he can work on over the summer.”
“Hmm. That’s great, Ms. Hamilton, but I’m not sure I’ll have time. I’ve taken on some new clients and I expect to be pretty busy this summer.”
Abbi didn’t know what his job entailed and she wondered how somebody could be too busy for their own kids.
“Oh, well, what about his mom?” she asked trying to focus on Lucas’ needs.
“She’s not around. Debbi left us a couple of years ago. Ithought you knew.”
“Mrs. Emerson did mention something about his mom being out of the house.”
“It’s okay. I don’t have any contact with her, except through the lawyers. She hasn’t seen the boys since she left us.”
“For two years?” she squeaked, and then covered her mouth with her hand.
He smiled. “It’s okay. Most people have that reaction. How could a mother not have any contact with her children?! I don’t know. I’ve learned to adjust and so have the boys. I have a nanny to help take care of the boys while I’m working.”
“Maybe I could give you some worksheets that the nanny could work on this summer?”
“That would be great if I knew who she was.”
“What?” Abbi squeaked again.
“Our nanny just got married. She’s still working for me during the day, but obviously she wants to be with her husband at night. She is only staying until I find a new live in. I’m not having much luck right now.”
“Oh, I see. Maybe I could help you.”
“How’s that?” he sat forward, his hand nearly touching hers.
“I can make some calls. Check at school. What are you looking for? Just somebody for the summer?”
“For now. Maybe she could stay on, but we’d use the summer as a trial period. You know, make sure she likes the boys, the boys like her and she can handle the responsibility.”
He pulled a business card out of the inside pocket of his leather jacket. Their fingers brushed as he put it into her hand. “If you think of anybody, give me a call. Or if you decide you want the
job for yourself,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, “please give me a call.”
By now, they were walking to the door.
“Thanks for coming in today, Mr. Alexander. It’s nice to see parents taking an active roll in their children’s learning.”
“No problem, Ms. Hamilton. It was my pleasure.”

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

new website

This didn't really fit with the last post, but I wanted to mention it. My new website is somewhat up and running. I've got to actually add the content, but here's the link.

Right now there are a few links across the top. There are a few more to be added, but I wanted to get the content in there first. If you can't see the website, let me know.

Also, feed back is greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if I have a "contact me" link up there yet, but I will. don't know what you've got- til it's gone

Last nights storms were a bit much. The skies started getting dark and gray around 7:30 and by 8:30 the wind was blowing and whipping and the raining was falling (ie pouring) and ....our power was out. At about 9, I checked with the electric company and the recorded lady nicely told me they were looking into our problem and our power would be restored approximately 10:45. (The whole neighborhood was out, not just our house). We lit candles, opened windows, and tried to stay calm and cool (baby was having a bit of a fit during the storm....and for those that don't know, she has a couple of sensory issues that could make or make her day/night). We sent up a lantern so she could read and kept the mood light. At 10:30 I had to go pick up Lyric from practice. There were limbs down all over and LOTS and LOTS of houses with no power.

Got back home around 11. No power. Called ComEd again. And the nice recorded lady told me 12:45. So, I'm figuring sleep is a lost cause. Baby's a bit out of sorts (she can't have a nightlight or a radio with no power) and I'm hot, tired and cranky. Good thing Fisher and Lyric came to the rescue. Fisher got his radio out of the boat, and Lyric agreed to sleep on the hideabed with Baby. Done deal. I'm in bed.

At 4am, I wake up and realize the living room light is on! Woo Hoo....we have power. I love air conditioning. Here's hoping I get a good night sleep tonight!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Blogging Award

From my friend, Lynn over at I've never won anything like this before and I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my loyal readers (both of you!) and Lynn for the nomination. (was that a great acceptance speech or what!)

Here are the rules: If you already have the award just accept and that's all you have to do.
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
4. The award winner and one who has given the prize have to show the link blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5. Show these rules.

Now I have to come up with 5. Let me think.

1)Charlene at Crazed Parent. She's a mom, a writer, A Rick Springfield fan, and she's real. Read a couple of her posts and you'll see why I like her. She's also got a new gig over at Shine on Yahoo. Check her out there as well.
2)Paula at Paula's Place. She's got a lot of stories to tell: about herself, her hubby and her two beautiful boys. Again, she's real. She's a Rick fan too!
3) Amy at How Many Lives She's a mom and a Rick fan as well (do you see a theme here.) She's also got a great web design business so if you're in the market, check out her links.
4) Andy at Just some good, funny stuff.
5) I hate to toot my own horn, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Me at it's a blog I started to get information out there about direct selling companies. In this world of stay at home mom's and rising prices, I thought that some of this information might be handy for somebody.