Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Idol....and So You Think You Can Dance

So last week I headed up to Milwaukee.  Twice.  We went on Monday to get Lyric's wristband, and then again on Wednesday for the actual audition.  The Monday trip was nice.  Easy in, easy out, thanks to my parents' GPS.  Tuesday night, I got the girls into bed at 9pm....don't know when they fell asleep but when the alarm went off on Wednesday morning at 3am, they did actually get up.  We were in the car by 3:30am and off to Milwaukee.

We pulled into a parking lot at 5am, and walked a couple of blocks to the Bradley Center.  There was a ton of people there already but the Bradley center people and the American Idol people really were organized.  We got into line and then sat for about a half an hour.  Lyric and I are huge people watchers so we were having a great time with that.  After a while, we were moved around the building and then waited again.  And for some reason then we were moved back to where we started, well, actually, we were moved back around the building and were let in.

We were in our seats around 7:30am.  At 8am, the AI producer/MC dude announced that he wanted everybody in their seats so we could "Get started".  It took just a few minutes and then Matt Giraurd was on the floor....a few second later, Danny Gokey.  The girls were stoked.  Matt was always Lyric's favorite and we had just seen Danny the week before.  They helped get the crowd pumped up and we did some group singing and what not.  Then Ryan Seacrest came out and the crowd went wild!  We didn't get done filming until 10am.

Then they set up the floor with the tables for the judges.  12 tables.  Sectioned off.  And then they started lining people up for the auditions.  Lyric didn't get in line until around 3:30/4:00.  and we were out of there by 4:30.  Lyric didn't get picked, but she texted me as soon as she was done and said "I feel great". 

I'm so proud of her for even being able to get up there and try.  She's already talking about trying out again next year.

And now Jazz is looking forward to trying out for So You Think You Can Dance...stage mom, anyone?!?!?

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