Friday, October 31, 2008

PPPP-biggest leaf

Welcome to another edition of Phriday Photo Phinish Phiesta (Phall Phun)...nice how I got a couple more P's in there! Anyway, today's photo is of one Jazz, taken in front of our house, with one of the biggest leaves I have ever seen. After she found it, I actually went back into the house for the camera because I felt this leaf needed to be documented.

This next one is from a couple of weeks later. We were sitting at my MIL's house waiting for the holiday parade to come by. Lyric plays in the band so we had to sit out, freeze our butts off and wave as she went by, even though she could not wave back. (must stay in formation-LOL)

jazz is wrapped in one of those fleece/flannel blankets that zips and snaps around you. Very cozy when you are inside, chillin, watching TV. Outside, well, let's just say I could have used about 5 of them. LOL

Go check out Candid Carrie and see who else is playing along.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

world's largest mom group

okay, maybe not the largest, but I've been a member Here for awhile and I'm loving it. Mom Blogger's Club is a great place to connect with others like you, voice your opinion or learn something new. check it out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Expectancy

Amy at escape to thought, posted about this. I went over and put in my info. Here's the outcome.

Life Expectancy Calculator

If you continue maintaining healthy habits, you'll want to plan for a maximum life expectancy of 102 years or more.Your "ideal" weight for maximum longevity is: 136 lbs.The three biggest positive factors that you have going for you are: 1. Age 2. Gender 3. Age of parentsThe one biggest negative factor that you have going for you is: 1. Exercise

102?!? Are you kidding me? I'm raising a teenager and a preteen, I'm not even sure I'll make it to 40! Just kidding. I'm just a little down about a bad decision that Lyric made. But I know that we will all work through it. Say a little prayer for us.

and if you are interested, here's the link so you can find out how long you can expect to live.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Writing...lines that stick with you

I've been analyzing my new found "appreciation" for Zac and I've figure out a couple of things.

1) it's not necessarily Zac, but Troy, due to some pretty slick lines that were created by the writers (but have you seen him shirtless?? sheesh!)
2) I appreciate good writing. Well, I'm sure we all do on some level, but once in a while there is a line - whether it be from a book, a song, a movie that just stays with me. Here's a few that have stuck with me.

"Look at me, right here, look at me" This one probably makes more sense in the context of the movie, but it struck me

"Talk to me" duh, like that's so deep right? But it's from Lipstick Jungle. Brooke Shields' character is having a bad time and her husband is just sooo awesome. That is one strong onscreen marriage, even with all the crap. I hope I'm not wrong and they get into a big fight this week.

"Why didn't you talk to me about this?" said very calmly and matter of factly. This is a very mature comment made by an "18" year old. I love this line.

Disclaimer-the lines are from my memory and may not be exactly as originially written

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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All Things HSM 3

The above post/link is my friend Kelley dancing with "troy". Seriously, this is good stuff. The link to make your own is below.

I will admit I was mostly going to see this movie for the kids. I will also admit I have a new found appreciation for Zac Efron. I will also admit, I'm not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens. But that's just me.

My friend, Kelley has had a huge crush on Zac since HSM 1. I didn't really see it. Whether it's because Fisher is out of town or I was just having a moment, or maybe even because that boy looked great, I now understand her crush.

The movie was predictable, with only a couple of surprises. It went fast (a whole school year in two hours) but the musical numbers were fantastic. How you can get that many people all in sync singing and dancing and whatnot is amazing to me. My hat's off to the choreographer and the cast. They did a great job.

If you haven't already seen the HSM 3 scenes at jibjab check it out. I laughed so hard I cried...really, it is that funny.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phriday Photo Phinish Phiesta...Grandparents

This picture is cute, funny and good for a laugh.

The scene- My nephews 3rd birthday party

The action - opening presents

The stars- the grandparents (my mom and ex step dad) both taking pictures,
so I had to take a picture of them.
I always forget to link back and tell you to go check out Candid Carrie...she's the one who started this Phriday Phree Phor All.
Afternoon Update: Also, I need to give a shout out the HUSKIES - our football team. They are undefeated this season. Tonight they play the TITANS- who are undefeated this season. HUGE. GAME. TONIGHT. Tonight of all nights. Duh, HSM3 premiers today. We are going to the 6:30 show. Then Lyric will be able to watch TV like a normal teenager- or at least as normal as a teenager can be. Right now she runs screaming out of the room because she doesn't want to know anything about the movie before she sees it. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING. Not a song, not a scene, not a costume. I was messing with her because she knows it is called "Senior Year" and she said she didn't want to know anything about it. LOL
I'll have a review for you soon, and maybe a photo or two of the kiddos standing in front of the poster.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting your words out

November is National Novel Writing Month and for the past 4 years I have participated. However, this year is a no year for me. I have too many other things taking up my time and I just can't think of 50,000 words right now.

Other thing going on in November is National Blog Posting Month . This is in the same vein as NaNoWriMo, but you have to post to your blog every day for a month. They've done a cool thing over there with themes for all of the months, but I didn't really play along. For November I'm in. I'm a fairly regular poster, except for the weekends, but for one month, I'm on it. So be looking for 30 posts in 30 days. Some will be sort and sweet and some will be longer, potentially thought provoking and hopefully interesting. I've got a list of things started that I've been wanting to blog about and I might even do a give away or two (and they won't necessarily be Rick Related!)

If you want to play along with either or both of the above, use the links, head on over and sign up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catholic wedding ...pregnant..conflict of interest

okay, I was just here and Robin said she wants a traditional Catholic wedding. Having been raised Catholic there is one thing I know for sure. They frown upon premarital you know what. Robin being pregnant might be the proof that she was doing the deed prior to the wedding night. I know this is pretent, but shouldn't there be at least a little reality. I'm sure that several GH viewers are Catholic. They might be offended by this (or maybe not). Now, I will admit, it has been quite a few years since I was a practicing Catholic, but have things changed that much? Maybe I'm way off base here, but I think this wedding could take place without naming a religion to go along with it. A couple other things to consider: To get married in a Catholic church, don't both parties need to be Catholic? Was Patrick raised Catholic? (me thinks not) If not, he would have had to have been going to some classes on converting.

And to take a slight tangent, if the wedding is set for 10/29, will it actually take place that day or will it stretch out to be completed by the end of the week? And baby scrubs is supposed to be making an appearance on 11/3, so potentially, the wedding and the birth could very likely be on the "same" day. I'm super excited to see how Grandpa Noah and Grandma Anna react. I think Patrick's gonna cry. Just my prediction. And Jason better get off his high horse, get with Elizabeth and go to Robin's wedding. I love Jason Morgan, but man is he stupid sometimes.

Okay, done with that, I'm going back to reality.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams....

One thing about me is that I truly believe that God has a plan for us. He knows what is going to happen to us. We can only slightly alter our course, but there is an overall plan for us. i know everybody does not agree with me (make your own destiny and all that) and that's okay.

Another thing I believe in is the hidden meaning of dreams. There are tons of books written on the subject and I occassionally try to read the meaning of my dreams. Especially the REALLY REALLY intense and seemingly real dreams.

Last night/early this morning I had a morphing sort of dream. No, I didn't turn into a monster, but there were lots of parts of my life all being tied together. I can't really remember the order, but the high points are:

*It was Sunday morning and I was trying to decide if I should let Jazz sleep in or get her up for church. (in real life this is a no brainer- we get up and go unless we are out of town or somebody is sick)
*prior to this scene, I had gotten into a huge fight with an old friend. maybe past is a better word. We had an argument that was so intense that I RAN AWAY. Through a corn field, around a huge apartment building, into the house in which Jazz was asleep. The crazy thing is I have never had a fight with this friend on any level. Okay, we haven't always gotten along or kept in touch for various reasons, but an all out almost come to blows fight, never.

When my alarm went off this morning, I really thought it was Sunday. But Fisher was there and he's not going to be this Sunday. I had to quickly process. He laughed when I told him I was dreaming it was time to get up for church.

Anyway, if anybody is into analyzing dreams, let me know what you think of the above.

(I hope that everybody else is seeing the blog background as a pretty aqua and pink print. At work it shows up for me a blue page!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday

The weekend is almost over. I finally got a chance to spend some time on homework. Fisher is on his way home from the Packer game and I'm about to iron and watch Grey's Antomy. I want to try to catch the replay of Rock of Love Charm School but not sure I have that much time.

I hope everybody had a great weekend. My mental state is finally starting to get better. I finally feel like I have a handle on life again.

See you tomorrow.!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

new wallpaper

Hello, there Write One Two fans! I've changed the sourroundings again. I see I need to tweak a couple of things, but I like this. I'm going to head on over the BY blog and make that one pretty as well!

We're going to see Annie tonight...Lyric's friend is in the show. I'm sure it will be cute.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend. See you later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

MRI results

I just got the call from the doctor. Lyric's MRI results are good. YEAH! there's one little spot by her maxillary sinus that has "a little something" but it's not something we'd do anything for anyway. YEAH again! we're still on for the neurologist (on wikipedia Dr Patrick Drake is listed as neurologist, think I could get him to consult on our case???) and she has to do a headache journal for two weeks before that, but at this point, we're moving away from the more serious issues and onto other things. Fisher talked to somebody today who used to have awful morning headaches. He started using a bite plate at night and the headaches went away. Apparently there's a good one that you can get at walgreens and form it to your mouth. Looks like I'll be going to walgreens tonight.

Okay, so thanks a ton for all the thoughts and prayers. We're not done yet, but the weight is lifted oh so slightly.

Phriday Photo Phinish Phiesta

I wonder how many more PH's I can put in there...LOL.

Lyric did REALLY REALLY great last night for her MRI. She talked with one of her teachers yesterday who gave her some pointers, and she was able to listen to a CD while it was going on. (Secondhand Serenade...A Twist in My Story). It took about an hour for the whole thing. She looked a little groggy when she got out, but overall, it was not a bad experience. The radiologist will read it today. Lyric's doctor will get results today or Monday, and we see the neurologist 11/13. So, we still wait, but step one is complete.

For this edition of PPPP (or FFFF) I found a pix I forgot I had taken. And believe it or not, it's of Fisher. :-). I have a couple others in mind for future posting, but they are still on my camera right now. So, today's photo is below.

It was taken at Beckman Mill in Southern Wisconsin. Fisher and Jazz sat down to watch the falls and look for fish, and I snapped this photo. it's very calm and peaceful.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

International Stillbirth and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day

This is something you'd think I knew about, but I did not. I found it over at SITS (who by the way gave away a ton of super cool prizes yesterday). Anyway, pregnancy loss is something that I have been touched by (or hit by a mack truck!) on a very personal level. I first found out I was pregnant in early July 1993. By the end of August, we had lost our first child. He (I believe it was a boy) could not be found on the ultrasound at 11 ish weeks. It was an ultrasound to check baby size to help determine a due date. Since we weren't actually trying to get pregnant at that point, I wasn't really tracking my cycle. At 11 weeks, they couldn't find the heartbeat. At 12 ish weeks, I went back to have a repeat ultrasound. This time I had to go alone. I was told that the baby wasn't there, had no heartbeat, would never be born, whatever. I don't remember what I was specifically told, but I remember waiting while they scheduled a semi emergent D&C for the next morning. Then I got in the car to drive home, and had to pull over because I was crying so hard. The next couple of months was a complete blur. I remember nothing of that time. I know I worked, ate, slept, but that's about it.

In November, we got the go ahead to try again, if we wanted. Oh, we wanted! Even though baby #1 was a surprise, we/I was out to be a mom. We got pregnant right away. 12/3/93 I took a pregnancy test at a clinic. Initially it was negative. Which was okay. The lady and I talked, she gave me some brochures, I headed out. She ran out the door after me and called me back in. While we were talking, the test had turned positive. (I'm not sure if we didn't wait long enough or what, but that's what happened.) So, I went back in, we had a different talk and then I was off.

A week later, I started spotting. A day later, my new, wonderful doctor, confirmed that I had been pregnant, but was "losing" the baby through a blood test. This really, really, REALLY sucked.

This time the fog was not as bad. I figured getting pregnant wasn't the problem, staying pregnant was. With the help of the above noted new, wonderful doctor...(don't laugh when I tell you his name...well, you can if you want. Dr. Rick Field.) we were able to get pregnant that March.

Lyric was born the following December. She was 8 pounds of beautiful and except for the cord being wrapped around her neck TWICE, the delivery was pretty uneventful, albeit LONG. Everything went so well, that 3 1/2 years later we decided to give her a sibling. Jazz was not as easy to get started, but she was a wopping 8 pound 9 ounces, and really was a quick, uneventful delivery.

I can't say I don't wonder what would have happened if either of the first pregnancies had made it to term, but I do know that I would not have Lyric or Jazz. I wouldn't give them up for anything. So, even though sometimes life sucks, I do believe that God has a plan for me and I have to play along, even if I don't know what or why.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Who doesn't like to make new friends and win prizes?!? The girls at The Secrets In The Sauce (see link to the right) are having a blogathon today. Stop on by, sign up and maybe win! Tell them I sent ya!

I guess I should read all the details. I'm supposed to post my top 5 bloggers from over there. I don't have 5...yet. But I do have 3. Two of them are already linked on my page- Lynn and Escape to thought. The other one I like is Ronda's Rants . If you go here , and scroll down to the list of names/blogs, Amy at Escape to Thought is #72, Lynn is #81, Ronda is #61, and I am # 159. Come on in and play along.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I know, I know

two posts in one day!?? How is that possible?? LOL. I'm getting ready to pop in the movie and I thought I'd vent/blog a bit.

Fisher is back tomorrow...YEAH! I don't mind when he goes, but I think I missed him more this weekend than any other time. I've been sliding into some sort of funk for the past few weeks and the stuff with Lyric last week didn't help.

I made the neurologist appointment today, with the one that is close by and on our insurance. I'll give him a shot. There's always a second opinioin of we need it. And what I'm find on the internet is that it's probably something easily treated. Cross your fingers and say a prayer or two or even three. We have to wait until 11/13 to get the results, unless her pediatrician calls us before the neurology appointment.

I wanted to put out a public thank you to all who read my blog, post and play along. I'm very grateful for my close friends, and my friends, and my soon to be friends. As I've gotten older, I've realized that people with diverse backgrounds and interests can be friends with the connection of one simple thing. If my blog is that- I'm thankful. If somebody else's blog is that- I'm still thankful. So friends and family don't always have to be related by blood or somebody you have known forever. There are a few people I have known forever and I need to touch base with them. I apologize for letting time get away.

Okay, I'm ranting and rolling. I'm off to watch the movie. If I haven't freaked you out or scared you away, stop back tomorrow....I just might have something witty to say.

til next time,


Let's reviews..possible spoilers

Last night I watched a movie marathon. I needed it after the fiasco that was last week. I did get some homework done, but I needed to do something mindless and brainless for a few hours. The kids were at at birthday party.

Movie List: Over Her Dead Body, Flight 93, The Family Stone. If you continue reading and have not seen the movies be prepared for possible spoliers. I'm just saying, you have been warned.

I watched "Over Her Dead Body" because I thought it looked cute and funny. Not so much. There were a couple of different times I thought they could have done something different. Jason Biggs as the "gay" but not really gay best friend was awesome. I wouldn't recommend this movie.

Then I watched "Flight 93". It's about 9/11 and the airplane that went down in the field. Well, actually it's more about the people on board and their families. It was interesting and scary all at the same time. I liked that they did in a time line sort of way. They had all those phone logs to tie together the story. Our friendly neighborhood Night Shift Doctor, Dr Julian was in this movie. obviously before he was on Night Shift. I'm finding it more difficult for me to "forget what I know" when I watch things. Maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age. It was hard to look at him as a terrorist. The other actors were great. Familiar looking faces, but none I could place. It made it feel a bit more real. I would recommend this movie.

To top of the triple header, I watched "The Family Stone". I was interested at first, but it almost seemed too over the top. Then the main character, Meredith,(played by Sarah Jessica Parker) let loose a little bit and things got interesting. I was pleasantly surprised at how things turned out, as it was not what I expected. I would recommend this movie. It showed some good dysfunctional family dynamics.

Tonight, after the kiddies go to bed, I'll be watching Definitely, Maybe. So watch for a review in the near future.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday...this week I forgot about PPPP

and remember Best/Worst. I have some cute pix ready, but I've been home the last 2 days (of my own choice) and got busy doing other things, so I'll save the photos for next week.

Best/Worst this week are: Best - I only worked a three day week. Did some home projects yesterday and a whole lot of nothing today. (well, that's not entirely true, I did do some homework and go grocery shopping).

Worst - Lyric has to go in next week for an MRI. She's been having headaches almost daily since June. We've tried some meds and some symptom treating, but it's not really getting better. After the MRI, she will go see a neurologist and we will go forward from there. The neurologist that her peditrician referred us to would not be my first choice (sometimes working in the medical field can be a bad thing) so I'm weighing the options of this doctor versus one that is farther away (Can you say DeKalb, Lynn?!?!) Anyway, my first thought, of course, is brain tumor. Even though this is not a brain tumor sort of presentation. It's probably something easy, but still, I'm scared. She is having the MRI with and without contrast. Which requires an IV. Lyric hates needles....Let me rephrase that, Lyric would rather jump off the Eiffle Tower than have an IV. She's been warned, and I'm trying to prep her for the over all experience, but she's bigger than I am and probably stronger. I hope they have the big guys working that night.

I'll keep you posted on the events/results, but for now, just a quick prayer for good news would be really nice.

Til next time....

Quick addition...talked with my brother's fiancee tonight. She had a similar headache issue that related to puberty, and she still has really bad headaches at her "time". I know there are so many possibilities, most nothing.
I forgot to mention my complete breakdown Thursday night. Lyric had a performance at school, so we were out for a bit, but Jazz did over 2 hours of homework and still wasn't done, it was after ten, I was tired (not to mention premenstral myself), stressed about school, about Lyric, about the neurologist, and more. I would have been okay, but Fisher asked if I was okay and I lost it. I was bawling. I think I just needed to get it out but I think it scared him a bit too because I'm not usually that person. Oh, sure, I can cry at drop of a hate for an emotional commercial or get caught up in a show, but usually at home, I'm pretty strong. Just too much stuff all at once. It was a good thing I had two days off, or I might have quit my job. LOL

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof...aka Racoon at 4am

I have a whole list of things I want to blog about. Yes, I know I missed Money Making Monday. Sorry. There's this little thing I do called work that got in the way. I'll try to make up for it later. But, those other blog posts are going to have to wait because...

This morning, Fisher and I were awoke at 4am by a loud scratching sound. Actually, several loud scratching sounds. i thought maybe one of the troublesome chipmunks had made it's way into the wall, and was partying by our bedroom. Fisher went and looked out the front door (nearest to the commotion) and didn't see anything. The sound had stopped so he came back to bed. Then it started again. He got up, looked out our window, and there it was. A HUGE raccon, sitting on the roof looking down at us. That little bugger had been scratching at the roof. Fisher went outside to try to scare him away, and I think it worked. But this morning, when he assessed the damage, he found that there was an acutal hole into the roof.

He called the "Wildlife guy" who only charges $145 to come out and $50 per animal he takes away. Seriously? So, we may have to pay him some money, and we must, must, MUST get that hole fixed. Fisher is going to be away for a couple of days, and I'm tell you right now- if any kind of animal besides our dog is in our house, I'll be staying at a hotel until I am 100% sure that it is gone.

Monday, October 06, 2008


See sometimes I do sing, thought it's hard to convey singing through a blog. that is my favoirte David Bowie song, BTW. You can see that I have again changed the template (see what kind of blogger are you post below) and I have also changed the title. The "address" is still "writeonetwo" the new title- Random Thoughts. Ta Da!

"Random Thoughts that don't mean anything to anybody but me" actually started a couple years ago as a journal. However, I didn't do so well with the journaling, so I've transferred the title over here. If you think about it, it fits. The blog has no common theme, it is all very random. (And yes I know that today is money making Monday- I'll get to that in a bit) So, instead of spring cleaning, I'm fall updating. (i'm acutally doing this at home this week as well- shampooing carpets, steam cleaning floors, getting rid of all that junk that has collected in my basement and if time allows, repainting my dining room - right after I get all the wallpaper off).

Thanks for continuing to come back and see what I have to say.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Phriday Photo Phiesta...making history

Here's a picture of each of the girls. The specialness of these, is the necklaces they are wearing. They are add a pearl necklaces that were a gift from my grandparents. They have a pearl for being born and then one each year for Christmas and their birthday through the age of 18. Both of the necklaces are complete because my grandparents wanted to be the ones to do that, and they wanted the girls to have the completed necklaces even if something happens to them. A little morbid, and it made me cry when they told me that. But it is also a very sweet and I love them very much.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Seriously, I have issues

Okay, this post could go so many ways with a title like that, but what it's really about is the fact that I rush through things and don't finish well.

So, you might notice that link to the right. If you have not already signed the petition to bring Rick back to Rockford, please do...and spread the word. I'd love to have 100 names to send to the OTW committee before they start recruiting for next year. i don't know why I didn't link it over there before. Seriously.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of my moments.


I think we have determined that everybody loves giveaways (Hey, Amy, I'm still waiting for your address BTW) So here's anther one that I know a lot of people would like.

SITS giveaway

Get on over there and check it out and tell them I sent ya.