Thursday, July 29, 2010 have no plan

As you all know, things in my life are pretty freakin crazy right now.  The "best" (or maybe the worst) thing right now, is that school starts in 3 weeks and I don't have a new job.  Let me give you a smidge of backstory.  The job I have now (which I love) is Monday through Friday from 8 - 4:30.  Period.  I'm planning to take two classes this semester.  There is not an option to take different sections.  The classes are when the classes are.  My classes are Thursday from 10-11:50 and 3:30-6:30 (this is the lab) and Friday from 8-10:50.  Not bad for class times, however, I can't continue in the current job I have and take the classes that I want.

So about 4 months ago, I started applying for other positions within the health system where I work.  Nothing is panning out.  Nothing.  To add to the stress/drama, my position is posted and we have started interviewing for my replacement.  yup.  My replacement may be set before I even leave.

I had a nice talk with my manager the other day.  She really has been a great supporter of my goal to go back to school, and with all the crap I've had to go through with Fisher.  But she also has to look out for her department.  I can't fault her for that.

She has put in a good word for me with the manager of the area I have two applications in for, but I just don't know if that's enough.  Or if we can make anything happen in three weeks.  I just don't know. If the job thing works out, I will have to coordinate the girls after school because I will be working 3 - 12 hour shifts a week.  (And I must say, I love, Love, LOVE the idea of this schedule!) But I'll have to make sure Jazz has a ride home when I have to work. 

One of my co-workers is convinced that it will all work out last minute.  Hello, have you met me??? I'm a planner, an organizer, not a last minute person.  However, in this situation, I may have to be.  And it's driving me crazy.

But I guess this is just one of those life lessons.  You can't always plan everything.  So, my plan for the next month - no plan.  Let things fall where they may.  If the job thing doesn't work out, then I know that I'm not really supposed to be a nurse...but I won't give up my dream of a college degree.  That will happen...

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lynn said...

OMG, that would drive me crazy too! I always want to plan everything. I wish you the best, hope it all works itself out.