Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Second Date With My "Boyfriend"...

For those of you that know me, you know I am a very organized person.  I've even stepped up the organization recently, and it's almost a little scary.  At least I can find stuff easily (except that one little piece of paper that I really need to find).  I'm a planner and a list maker. 

Saturday I'm going to see my boyfriend for the second time this year.  Out of town.  Without my girls.  And I really don't have a plan in place.  I know, I know, you can all pick your chins up off the floor now.  It's two days away.  I will figure it out.  So, I have to wonder:  am I mellowing out in my old age?  or am I just so overwhelmed by life in general that I don't care?  Either way, it's all going to work itself out.

But the week of the 19th I have about 500 things* to coordinate.  Check in with me next week and see if I'm pulling my hair out yet.

*disclaimer:  500 might be a bit of an exageration, but I have A LOT going on that week.

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lynn said...

Your boyfriend??? I don't think so! LOL I wish I was mellowing out with age. I seem to be getting more uptight about things and planning stuff and it's not good! Anyway, have a blast this weekend......feel free to come "kidnap" me on your way up! Ha! I kind of dropped the ball on making plans for this one.