Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In a Book Rut

The other day I joined up with Paperback Swap. I have books to get rid of and thought this would be a great way to get some good stuff myself. So far, it's pretty slow going. Historically, I can read one book per day on vacation, so I need a minimum of 6 books to take on vacation in four weeks. I say a minimum because if I start a book and it sucks, well, I'm not wasting a day reading it. I should bring 6-10 just to cover my bases, I mean days.

I've got a few favorite authors (Janet Evanovich, Barbara Delinksy, JA Konrath, James Patterson) and I've read all their stuff. I need new stuff!

I started a list of books I might want to check out: Perfection by Julie Metz, Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg, Are You there God, It's me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler, and Almost like being in Love By Steve Kluger. By my count, that's only 4.

I need some suggestions, people! I'm open to almost anything except: vampire romances, historical romances, and smutty romances. I prefer fiction to non fiction, but I'm not completely opposed to non fiction.

Got any ideas?? I'm taking suggestions and there may even be a prize/drawing involved for all suggestions.


Crazee Juls said...

:) hey girlie... I've been sitting here ...thinking really hard about books--and I can't come up with anything...I'll try to get back to you.

I was straightening up today, and found a really cute note that I was supposed to include with your swap things... I guess when I was stuffing things into the box, I inadvertently left it out. Sorry about that! I hope that you enjoy some of my favorite things..!!

Annette Piper said...

I think all Marian Keyes' novels are great for holiday-reads. Light and humorous but still escapist!

lynn said...

Wow, a book a day? I'm lucky if I can finish and entire book in one week! LOL

Aim said...

Yes, Lynn, a book a day. It's my vacation! LOL. I usually have 2-4 spurts of reading (in the morning before the kids get up, after lunch, after dinner and usually before bed.) Even on days we go into town for fun stuff, I can manage almost a whole book. :-)