Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Before and After - Jazz

I've been trying to convince Jazz to get her hair cut for almost a year. It's gotten really long and she doesn't like to put it up. A couple of years ago, she went in for a cut and it ended up being way shorter than she wanted and she became anti-hair cutting. We've done trims but finally, the other day, I convinced her that it was time. Of course, I want to document, but Jazz is a poser, so this is what I got.

I was so happy that we were able to get her right in, thank you, Great Clips because I had more running to do. 15 minutes later, she looked like this.

She got at least 6 inches off, and it looks so much better, flows nice, looks and feels softer, and is so super cute. I wish she would have went a smidge shorter, but I'll take it.

The very next day, Lyric went for a haircut as well. Sorry, I didn't get photos of that.

We've been going to Great Clips since this store opened in our area. I'd say at least the last 3 years. The girls there are always very nice, and my girls almost always get the exact cut that they want. (See above note about 2 years ago!). I use this place as well. I think the last time I went in, I might have scared the girl. I said, I want it shorter and layered, but other than that, do whatever you want. I just wanted it to be a bit different. She did a great job. My cut is still a variation on the normal theme, but still it's short enough to be out of my face (which is a total requirement), long enough to put up when needed, and I can fluff and style as needed. They are reasonably priced, and you get a coupon on your reciept for your next visit. (every little bit helps, right?!?) They only do cuts and styles there, so I do my own coloring. (I know, I know, you're not supposed to do that, but for me it's a time and cost issue!)

So, as long as the girls continue to be happy, we will continue to use Great Clips for our hair cuts!

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lynn said...

I think it looks great! We usually use Great Clips too.