Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Won The Lottery!

Not really, but I got your attention, right?? One of the suggestions I recieved for a blog post was "What would I do with a million dollars?" I thought about it and came up with the following list. '

pay for school for me
pay off our house
remodel the house (expand basement and build a second story)
buy a brand new car (2009 Chevy Impala)
Go to Greece with Dan
Go to Australia
buy a cabin near Hayward, WI, on a lake
sent Dan on his dream fishing trip
put money away for the kids' college
give a whole bunch of money to various charities
buy a Rick Springfield guitar/backstage pass for me and Kelley
buy a new car for Dan (one that can easily pull the boat)
give money to each of our siblings
give money to each of our moms
put money into a savings account for each girl
start a foundation
put money into our savings so we can do more fun stuff

at my calculation, this leaves us sitting on around $35,000. I guess I would need that money to refurnish the house after the remodel is done :-)

So, I ask my loyal readers, what would you do with a million dollars??


Amy said...

I would do most of the typical things, one being following Rick to every single concert he ever does for now until eternity! :)

riverWolfi said...

Hey! I think I'd make Rick follow ME for a change ;) Kidding. I
like your list, AK minus the guitar, plus one cruise with friends. After throwing it ALL in the bank for a month of thinking and paying off
all bills first. As in do not touch or change life radically.
Then I'd get busy paying off stuff,
a few new modest vehicles (I hate
buying cars, they aLL just rust out in the end.) setting up college trust funds. I like the foundation idea. Mine would involve horses for therapies. Especially for boys. There is a ton of stuff for girls, but not alot just boy focused outside of sports. So many boys are NOT into
playing team sports. Cool blog site! - Mufi