Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Countdown to Milwaukee

Today is May 6. On May 8, I'm going to Milwaukee. You may be asking yourself, "so, what?! People go to Milwaukee all the time." And you would be absolutely correct. But do people go to Milwaukee for girls night, to see a Rick Springfield show, and to meet the man after?!? I have to say, it does happen but only once a year. And Rick's people have changed things up so the same 100 people can't be at every meet and greet. What a great idea!

So, Friday afternoon, Kelley and I are taking off. We're meeting up with Lynn , grabbing some dinner and going to the show. (Oh, we'll be meeting up with some other people, too!)

Then when the show is done, we're getting this.

And we get to have a picture taken with Rick. and maybe even talk to him, right, Lynn?!!?

So, girls night out, great music and the photo of a lifetime. I can't wait!!


Amy said...

I am so darn jealous! I wanna see pics!!!!

lynn said...


Julie from JulieChats said...

Have a great time! I'm jealous! :)

Annette Piper said...

You don't mean THE Rick Springfield - the "Jessie's Girl" Rick Springfield???? If so, OMG, what a blast from the past... I can hear the song in my head right now! Have a blast :)

ALLY2HisHeart said...

SO happy for you guys! Sad I cannot capture your meeting this year, but my SpirSTIC maybe can! Have a great time!