Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mixed CD Swap...take two

Remembe back in March when I posted This?? Well, I only had a couple of takers, but we mixed things around and everybody should have gotten their CD's by now. I was excited to see that mine included songs I knew (and liked) as well as stuff that is new to me.

here's my breakdown. Thanks, Jana for playing along. I hope that you are feeling better! Amy, I hope you enjoyed your CD and I can't wait to read your "review".

My New CD

1) Sweet Thing - Keith Urban
I love Keith Urban. I was a late comer to his music, but I think he is very talented and I enjoy listening to him sing. He's also from Australia, and we all know that my favorite rock star is from Australia as well.
2) Rock & Roll Jesus - Kid Rock
I don't listen to a lot of Kid Rock, but this is a nice song. It's not something I would have picked myself, but I'm glad it's on this CD.
3)Land Of Confusion - Disturbed
seriously love this song. There are a lot of "hard rock" bands doing 80's remixs. Seether did Careless Whisper and it's awesome. Oh, wait, back to distrubed. This is a good song made great. I had no idea this version was out there. Pleasantly surprised!
4)Prayer - Disturbed
Great song. I've not listened to a lot by this band, but I think I will be from now on.
5)Liberated - Disturbed
another one...haven't listened all the way through yet, but I will be adding it to the ipod
6)Energy - The Apples in Store
I've never heard of this band, but may have heard this song before. I like it!
7) You Found Me - The Fray
I just bought this on iTunes! It's Lyric's current favorite song.
8) I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters
How do you not sing a long and dance when you hear this song?!?
9) Rise Above This - Seether
More rock. I love Seether. See note above in #3.
10) All Summer Long - Kid Rock
I love this song too. With all it's inappropriate lyrics and everything. I have the Hit Masters version, so it's nice to hear the "original"
11) Who Let the Dogs Out - Stadium Janus
another "how can you not sing" songs!
12) Eve, The Apple of My Eye - Bellx1
Never heard the song or artist. Very nice!
13) Past Time - The Baseball Program
Cute song.
14) Believe In Me - Sloan
Right away, I thought of the Rick Springfield song with the same title. This one is very nice as well. It will be fun to have them back to back on the ipod!

I'm thinking about doing another swap in a couple of months. I'll post when it's time. thanks to both the girls for playing along.


Amy said...

Great songs! I seriouly need to do a post about what I got from you. I love it!

Opus #6 said...

Music nourishes the soul. Good for you for getting out there and finding more.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

The swap sounds so fun. Great idea!

Helene said...

The swap sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!! I like a lot of those songs you mentioned, including Who Let the Dogs out...it gets stuck in my head all day long whenever I hear it!

I hope you'll stop my blog and participate in the We Heart Art carnival going on right now!! The prizes are very cool!!!

Unknown said...

Hey, this is a cool idea. I have to think of some kind of swap to do!