Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

Thanks, to Mamarazzi for doing this. It was super fun getting things together. And I could have included so many more things. I received my package from Julie yesterday. Great stuff and I had to laugh because we sent several similar items. (A funny little side note: the day before there was a package as well. I got all excited, but it was just lyric's theatrical makeup kit)

I was super excited to open the box and see all of the stuff. I just kept pulling out and pulling out. Here's all the pretty wrapped stuff. Each item had a little note.

Here it all is after I got it all opened. The kids were asking "What is that? Who's it from? Why did you get it?" Ha, it's all mine - stay back!
Anyway, I'll try to work "around the clock" and tell you what I got. BOLD is for (similar) items that I also sent to Julie.
starting in the upper left of the photo: Reese's Pieces (which I love), Hot Tamales (Hot and spicy mike and ikes!), peanut butter M & M's (these are gone), Aveeno hand lotion, Premium M & M's (seriously, these are almost too pretty to eat), A frame for my favorite photo, shopping lists (because you always need one more thing, right?), sharpie pens (I was just looking at these at the store!), Suduko (love this!) , gum and pencils (Julie says these all go together), funky nail polish (the girls wanted to use these right away!), Scrabble slam (we love card games, too!) , a new book (she must have read my post!) this is My Sister's Keeper, and I haven't read it yet. I'm going to try to hold off until vacation, and Hershey's Kisses (yum!).
I'm so glad that I was able to participate in this swap. What fun to get some new favorite things!


Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

Looks like lots of swapping fun!

Crazee Juls said...

Glad you got it! :) Hope you enjoy it! Thanks again, for being an awesome Favorite things swap partner! :)

I am Harriet said...

That is a really neat thing to.
How fun!

Mamarazzi said...

FABULOUS!! looks like a package i would love to receive! i am glad you made a new bloggy friend and had a great swap experience!

Ya know, these swaps are a LOT of work, but I love when people receive their packages and love what they get. Just knowing that over 100 women all over the United States are receiving packages of awesomeness this week thrills me!! Not to mention the bloggy friendships that are forming, it's just way too cool!

I am deciding between a Red, White & Blue Swap or another Favorite Things Swap for the end of June...did you vote? There is a poll on my sidebar!

Unknown said...

You got some really great stuff! It's been awhile since I did a swap.

lynn said...

Great stuff! I'll take any of the chocolate that you don't want to eat! lol


I was about to comment on your swag until I did a double-take on that last link on your sidebar. ;o)

Macey said...

That is so awesome! I voted red white and blue just to be different, but really, any swap is FUN!!!