Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snapfish vs Shutterfly

I'm a loyal snapfish user from way back. It was the first photo sharing site I used, and I still do. I like that I can edit my photos right there, change coloring, add borders, etc and then pick up the photos at my local Walgreens. But...

I've been using shutterfly lately. Why, you may ask?? Because I received a very nice email from the man in charge and he said that Shutterfly will never require you to make a purchase to maintain your photos. Also, Shutterfly offers "share sites". This is like your very own website where you can not only share photos but you can send messages to people, and stay in touch. I have two. One for family stuff and one for my Rick pics.

I haven't done much with photo editing on Shutterfly, but I believe the option is there.

There are many other photo sharing sites. The only other one I have used is Kodak Gallery. They have a purchase requirement.

If you use a different photo sharing site, let me know. I'm interested to see how they work and what people find works best for them.


Amy said...

I use Snapfish a lot too. The only thing about them is that I find the pics are better quality when I order them directly from the company rather than Walgreens.

***Sharon*** said...

I think I've just about tried them all - since they all seem to offer free prints every now and then. I always find myself going back to Shutterfly!

Unknown said...

I hope that someone who is a snapfish/ shutterfly user may see this and respond!

I first used shutterfly, then slowly switched over to snapfish because of favorable prices and products closer to what I wanted. THe capper was the introduction of Snapfish PictureMover which seemed too good to be true; I could connect my camera to the computer and download to my snapfish account and my computer simultaneously!!

After downloading the software, though, we started having trouble with our computers. It took me a long time to realize that it was connected somehow to this software. the computer I originally installed it on is now monstrously slow; another computer crashed completely after I had finished downloading some photos with PictureMover.

I was just on shutterfly, which now seems much faster.

Has anyone had similar problems with Snapfish Picture Mover or the website being very slow in general??

And how about the customer support in India??

Would love to hear your experience..

john said...

Which do you think is better for making books/albums? My parents just went on a Mediterranean cruise and I'd like to put together an album with photos from their trip. Which would you recommend for that application? Thanks!

Aim said...

I'm loving shutterfly. I have gotten a few different books from there now and I love them all. And they come fast.

Unknown said...

I have only used Shutterfly to make photo books and calendars, but they really frustrated me this year with their website's technical glitches regarding photo organization and personalized calendar dates. I think I will be giving Snapfish a try next year.