Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

I know that technically it's only July 2nd, but I'm guessing I won't be online much since it's the holiday weekend.  The girls are going to Fisher's tonight (friday) and Saturday, instead of the previous plan of Saturday/Sunday.  I've been invited to a cook out on Sunday and they want to go with.  Fisher was generous enough to let them switch.  He also hasn't forced the Thursday overnight issue, which is great, because the girls are having a hard enough time adjusting to the weekend thing.  It sounds like they did have a nice visit yesterday though.

Saturday I will be cleaning, doing laundry and then going to a cookout/fireworks party.  Should be fun times.  Sunday is the aforementioned cookout.  Monday is a whole lot of nothing.  just hanging out with my girls...and maybe getting them to do some chores.  :-)

So, everybody have a great weekend.


Amy said...

Happy Fourth! Enjoy :)

lynn said...

Enjoy your weekend! We're headed up to the Mall of America!

Unknown said...

Hope you had fun!