Monday, August 02, 2010

Weekend Update...and not the SNL verison

Friday night the girls went with Fisher.  This is the real start of our every other weekend thing.  I had signed the girls up for some volunteer work.  Fisher got to take them.  he tried to get out of it on Friday.  I say, if he really didn't want to do it, he should have said something earlier in the week. 

Then when he picked them up, he said it would be okay if they didn't want to spend the night on Saturday.  This from the man who wants to stick to the schedule and get as much time with his kids as possible.  Weird.

Sunday morning he called to see if he could keep them longer so they could go to a local fair.  I said sure, because I'm totally cool like that.

Then after they got home on Sunday,  I took them to my friend's house to swim.  The girls had a much so that we went back after Lyric got done with small group (for church).  I should probably mention that Fisher thinks I'm "dating" the afore mentioned friend and I think he probably drove by and saw my car there.  (because he does stuff like that). 

And now, we haven't heard from Fisher.  Not a phone call or a text to either of the girls or myself since about 4:00 yesterday...and let me tell you, bloggy world, that is just plain weird and totally out of character for Fisher.  I'm a little worried.

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Mamarazzi said...

bizarre...sharing a kid is hard work, trust me i know and i can't stand that whole "stick to the schedule" thing. especially as they get older, its just not possible, life happens and the kids deserve to live it.