Saturday, November 15, 2008


Lyric and Jazz and I went to a mom/daughter "sleepover" last night. Why, oh, why do they call it a sleepover? There's not a lot of sleeping going on. Jazz was up until 11:30, which is 3 hours past her bedtime and two hours past her "I can tolerate almost anything that happens"time. It's way into her "don't even look at me or I will cry hysterically for no reason and you will feel bad" time.

Lyric reconnected with an old friend. I don't know what time they layed down, but it was after 1am.

We are all kind of lazy today, but I did get 92% on my art test...and I finally finished section 8.2 in math. I only have four more sections (which is like 4 more days) one test and the final, and I'm DONE. Whoo, hoo!

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