Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More About Music

Since yesterday's post was about music, today's post will be about, well, music. Do you ever rediscover music that you love? Have you ever heard a few songs by a band but suddenly one song turns you into an obsessed "i can't get enough of their music" fan?? Both have happened to me. Last summer it was Nickelback. I had heard some of their songs and like them okay. I think we even had a couple of their CD's already. But one day, with my friend (Chad Kroeger is her RICK), and I was hooked. I think I listened to all Nickelback all the time for over two weeks. It was like I was trying to absorb all of the music.

Now, it's Darren Hayes. I've liked him since the Savage Garden days. He's cute, he can sing, he's from Australia (sound like anybody else??) I didn't even care that people thought he was gay (not like the other guy). And then he came out...Darren, honey, it's okay. I really do like you for your musical ability. As long as you are happy and keep writing songs, I'm there for you. So, anyway, the other day I'm scanning my ipod (prior to the activity that lead to yesterday's post) and I find "In Your Eyes" Darren Hayes UK single. Okay, I just wish that I could imbed that song right her for you to listen to. (Note to readers: If anybody knows how to make that happen, I will send you a gift!) Anyway, there's a couple of things about this song. 1) it was original performed by Peter Gabriel (I don't know if anybody has done), 2) I didn't know/realize that it was on my ipod, and 3) I LOVE THIS SONG. seriously, there is something about it that has totally sucked me in. I listened to it multiple times, in a row. and I'm getting ready to listen to it again. Then, as I'm scrolling through said ipod I find two more Darren Hayes songs that i didn't realize I had. "Strange Magic" and "Can't Help Falling In Love" (which is my second fave Elvis song). So, I'm on a Darren Hayes kick right now. I know that he has some music out there that I don't have. I'll be putting it on my Christmas list. I've been good this year, Santa. I promise!!

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lynn said...

I love Nickelback. Need to get their new one that just came out this week! Not sure if I know who Darren is. I'll have to look him up.