Monday, November 24, 2008

Have You Ever...

no, this isn't one of those crazy game. Have you ever realized that something was not quite right, but couldn't quite figure out what was wrong/missing/different? I was having that sort of a moment (several times actually) with my keys. They just felt different in my hand. I thought maybe Fisher had taken off extra keys, but nope, they are all still there. Maybe I was just holding them different? Nope. Then, suddenly, it hits me. One of the keychains is missing. I lost my Ranger keyfob thingy. In the real world, not a big deal. In my world, huge deal! I got that keychain when I went to meet Janet Evanovich a few years ago. And Ranger is hot. Okay, on the key chain he's a cartoon hamster, but in the books- wow! So, now I'm bummed because I went to buy another one and the store is closed until 11/28. Okay, I can wait. But I ain't happy about it. I was on the website ( looking for the picture to put in here, but I can't find it.(Probably because the store is closed). I can tell you I will buy another one (or two) and I'm almost positive that Kelley will be getting something from that store for Christmas. (she's the one who originally turned me on to Janet). I might even get myself a black Rangeman tee. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I love Ranger too from the Stephanie Plum books!!!! Aim...we have so many things in common!!! RS, JE, What's next?
Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!