Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's finally the end of the week. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for PPP because snapfish is stupid! usually I can pull a photo out of one of my albums and upload it. That's not working today. I guess next week I'll have to be more prepared.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night, almost entirely uninterrupted. I liked it better than last week, but I'm not sure what the heck they are doing with Izzy and that bothers me. The morning DJ's were saying maybe she has a brain tumor. i don't know if I like that either, but come on! It's one thing to "see" dead people, a whole nother thing to do, well, what she was doing.

Twilight opens today (well, I guess at midnight it opened). We won't be seeing it for a few weeks, maybe by Lyric's birthday. I was excited for the movie, but after seeing a few photos and clips, I'm not as excited. I don't like what they did with Peter Facinelli, and Robert Pattinson doesn't fit my image of Edward. We'll see. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised.

People's sexiest man. Hugh Jackman. (Australian hunk) but sexiest?? Not so sure. Is it funny that he gets this honor right about the time his new movie is coming out?? And the others that I saw on the list?? Not impressed. What's the criteria to be on this list?? Blair Underwood and Zac Efron are the only two that I think deserve to be there. But that is my opinion. I understand that. If you are in love with Hugh Jackman then it's a great week for you! :-)

Okay, so that was a whole lot of "stuff" for today. Enjoy your weekend.

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Amy said...

I have believe Izzy to be somewhat of a freak from the get go, so nothing she does or says, really surprises me.

Going to see Twilight tomorrow :D