Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

It's officially holiday time around here. We just got back from the Light the Park Parade (Lyric is in the band). It was cold out there, but not as cold as last year. The firemen had a cute thing. They were pulling santa's sleigh (it was on wheels) like reindeer. There were lots of police and fire vehicles lit up, too. I wish I had photos, but my mom has my camera and Fisher's camera doesn't have a zoom. Now I know I need to get him a new camera for Christmas. I was already planning to get him a photo printer so the two things will go well together. Lyric needs a new camera too. I might just give her mine and get a new one myself. I want a nice one like my mom's, but probably can't afford it. Oh, well.

Have a great Sunday night, all. See you tomorrow.

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