Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Six excerpt

Hello, readers. Today you are in for a treat. I'm going to give you a sneak peek at my next book. Enjoy!

Six Things By Amy Krueger

Find a Man Who:
*calls you beautiful
*is not afraid to hold your hand in front of his friends
*wants to show you off, even when you are in sweats
*kisses you on the forhead
*calls you back when you hang up on him
*tells you how lucky he is to know you

My mom gave me this list when I was twelve. I tucked it away and forgot about it. I found it again when I was packing to go to college. I read through it, and tucked it away again. I didn't really believe it. I thought it was just some junk she made up.
Apparently, it wasn't. And, as I would later find out, Tony was not the man for me either. We met the first week of freshman year. Tony and I. His dorm was across the square from mine and we ran into each other one morning on the way to class. Literally ran into each other. It seemed like we became a couple without meaning to.
........Our divorce was final when the kids were four and five. unfortunately, my sister also found the love of her life that year, with a wedding in the works. I was happy for her, even if I was a little cynical from my experience with Tony.
The wedding was a four day event, with the groom's family coming from out of town. Shelly, my sister, and Steve, her fiance, rented out half of the hotel and insisted that everybody stay there. I couldn't really afford it, but Shelly insisted and paid the bill.
After we checked in, Shelly and I were sitting by the pool talking. She asked if mom had given me the list. I laughed so hard, I almost choked on my drink.
"Mom gave you that list,too?" I asked.
"She gave it to me at the start of junior high. I thought it was a hoot."
"I thought it was mom's way of telling me what to do. I tucked it in a book."
Shelly patted my hand and smiled. "Steve is that guy. He does all those things."
"Are you kidding me? You really found a guy who does all that?"
"Didn't you?"
I shook my head. "Tony was so not that guy."
We looked across the pool at our parents. Dad kissed mom's forhead and they were holding hands.
"Dad is that guy," I said dryly.


Amy said...

That is cool and definitely some words to live by . MY ex husband didn't fit the bill, but my current boyfriend sure does :D

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Man I have had SO many like that. I gave up...LOL. Good list. I shall keep it in mind from here on out.