Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Writing...lines that stick with you

I've been analyzing my new found "appreciation" for Zac and I've figure out a couple of things.

1) it's not necessarily Zac, but Troy, due to some pretty slick lines that were created by the writers (but have you seen him shirtless?? sheesh!)
2) I appreciate good writing. Well, I'm sure we all do on some level, but once in a while there is a line - whether it be from a book, a song, a movie that just stays with me. Here's a few that have stuck with me.

"Look at me, right here, look at me" This one probably makes more sense in the context of the movie, but it struck me

"Talk to me" duh, like that's so deep right? But it's from Lipstick Jungle. Brooke Shields' character is having a bad time and her husband is just sooo awesome. That is one strong onscreen marriage, even with all the crap. I hope I'm not wrong and they get into a big fight this week.

"Why didn't you talk to me about this?" said very calmly and matter of factly. This is a very mature comment made by an "18" year old. I love this line.

Disclaimer-the lines are from my memory and may not be exactly as originially written

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Amy said...

I had to tell the girls on the way home from the movies Saturday that "Not all boys in real life are as sweetie pie nice as Troy"...I know they were fantasizing about his sweethearted-ness all night...haha!