Friday, October 17, 2008

MRI results

I just got the call from the doctor. Lyric's MRI results are good. YEAH! there's one little spot by her maxillary sinus that has "a little something" but it's not something we'd do anything for anyway. YEAH again! we're still on for the neurologist (on wikipedia Dr Patrick Drake is listed as neurologist, think I could get him to consult on our case???) and she has to do a headache journal for two weeks before that, but at this point, we're moving away from the more serious issues and onto other things. Fisher talked to somebody today who used to have awful morning headaches. He started using a bite plate at night and the headaches went away. Apparently there's a good one that you can get at walgreens and form it to your mouth. Looks like I'll be going to walgreens tonight.

Okay, so thanks a ton for all the thoughts and prayers. We're not done yet, but the weight is lifted oh so slightly.


Sooz said...

*whew* That is good news!

Amy said...

Thats great, what a relief :D

lynn said...

What a relief that it is not serious!

Anonymous said...

Glad the results were good. I have constant headaches too. I go to weekly acupuncture and it helps TREMENDOUSLY!

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Woo freakin' who! I KNOW how relieved you and Lyric must be. This news just made my day! And for a Monday, that's a good thing to have made!

YEAH! All is well....I felt it would be.

(who loves the new look and needs to figure out how to do that on my sorely unattended blog...)