Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Things HSM 3

The above post/link is my friend Kelley dancing with "troy". Seriously, this is good stuff. The link to make your own is below.

I will admit I was mostly going to see this movie for the kids. I will also admit I have a new found appreciation for Zac Efron. I will also admit, I'm not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens. But that's just me.

My friend, Kelley has had a huge crush on Zac since HSM 1. I didn't really see it. Whether it's because Fisher is out of town or I was just having a moment, or maybe even because that boy looked great, I now understand her crush.

The movie was predictable, with only a couple of surprises. It went fast (a whole school year in two hours) but the musical numbers were fantastic. How you can get that many people all in sync singing and dancing and whatnot is amazing to me. My hat's off to the choreographer and the cast. They did a great job.

If you haven't already seen the HSM 3 scenes at jibjab check it out. I laughed so hard I cried...really, it is that funny.


Amy said...

We went to see it last night, and my girls LOVED it! Zac IS a cutie, but I made sure to tell them that not ALL boys are that sweetie pie nice in real life :)

lynn said...

I think Zac is a cutie! I'd have him plastered on my walls if I was my daughter's ages! Haven't seen HSM3 yet but it's only a matter of time. Skowt went with a friend on Friday so now I need to find a time to take Tiger.

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Ha ha--you saw it and it wasn't that bad, eh? Good to know---I do think I will see it in a few weeks when it has died down somewhat. I love to escape and get out of hibernation a bit with a good clean musical filmed locally. :)

I saw this Jibjab thing with Ryan Seacrast and Guiliana Rancic on E News this weekend! TOO funny...

So now the question is, how many times will your girls drag you to the movie? LOL. Zac is a cutie--loved him in Hairspray.