Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's reviews..possible spoilers

Last night I watched a movie marathon. I needed it after the fiasco that was last week. I did get some homework done, but I needed to do something mindless and brainless for a few hours. The kids were at at birthday party.

Movie List: Over Her Dead Body, Flight 93, The Family Stone. If you continue reading and have not seen the movies be prepared for possible spoliers. I'm just saying, you have been warned.

I watched "Over Her Dead Body" because I thought it looked cute and funny. Not so much. There were a couple of different times I thought they could have done something different. Jason Biggs as the "gay" but not really gay best friend was awesome. I wouldn't recommend this movie.

Then I watched "Flight 93". It's about 9/11 and the airplane that went down in the field. Well, actually it's more about the people on board and their families. It was interesting and scary all at the same time. I liked that they did in a time line sort of way. They had all those phone logs to tie together the story. Our friendly neighborhood Night Shift Doctor, Dr Julian was in this movie. obviously before he was on Night Shift. I'm finding it more difficult for me to "forget what I know" when I watch things. Maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age. It was hard to look at him as a terrorist. The other actors were great. Familiar looking faces, but none I could place. It made it feel a bit more real. I would recommend this movie.

To top of the triple header, I watched "The Family Stone". I was interested at first, but it almost seemed too over the top. Then the main character, Meredith,(played by Sarah Jessica Parker) let loose a little bit and things got interesting. I was pleasantly surprised at how things turned out, as it was not what I expected. I would recommend this movie. It showed some good dysfunctional family dynamics.

Tonight, after the kiddies go to bed, I'll be watching Definitely, Maybe. So watch for a review in the near future.


Sooz said...

Thanks for the reviews, I've been wanting to check out Flight 93 in particular.

lynn said...

I may have to add the last two to my netflix list. As if I don't have enough on there already!