Monday, October 06, 2008


See sometimes I do sing, thought it's hard to convey singing through a blog. that is my favoirte David Bowie song, BTW. You can see that I have again changed the template (see what kind of blogger are you post below) and I have also changed the title. The "address" is still "writeonetwo" the new title- Random Thoughts. Ta Da!

"Random Thoughts that don't mean anything to anybody but me" actually started a couple years ago as a journal. However, I didn't do so well with the journaling, so I've transferred the title over here. If you think about it, it fits. The blog has no common theme, it is all very random. (And yes I know that today is money making Monday- I'll get to that in a bit) So, instead of spring cleaning, I'm fall updating. (i'm acutally doing this at home this week as well- shampooing carpets, steam cleaning floors, getting rid of all that junk that has collected in my basement and if time allows, repainting my dining room - right after I get all the wallpaper off).

Thanks for continuing to come back and see what I have to say.

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Sooz said...

You're welcome! :)

When you're done with your house will you come clean mine? LOL. We're having a Halloween party the Saturday before H'ween and I need to start NOW to get it all done.

BTW I just finished "A Soft Impeachment", and it's a great story! You should all click the link to the right on Amy's blog and buy it right now! :)