Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catholic wedding ...pregnant..conflict of interest

okay, I was just here and Robin said she wants a traditional Catholic wedding. Having been raised Catholic there is one thing I know for sure. They frown upon premarital you know what. Robin being pregnant might be the proof that she was doing the deed prior to the wedding night. I know this is pretent, but shouldn't there be at least a little reality. I'm sure that several GH viewers are Catholic. They might be offended by this (or maybe not). Now, I will admit, it has been quite a few years since I was a practicing Catholic, but have things changed that much? Maybe I'm way off base here, but I think this wedding could take place without naming a religion to go along with it. A couple other things to consider: To get married in a Catholic church, don't both parties need to be Catholic? Was Patrick raised Catholic? (me thinks not) If not, he would have had to have been going to some classes on converting.

And to take a slight tangent, if the wedding is set for 10/29, will it actually take place that day or will it stretch out to be completed by the end of the week? And baby scrubs is supposed to be making an appearance on 11/3, so potentially, the wedding and the birth could very likely be on the "same" day. I'm super excited to see how Grandpa Noah and Grandma Anna react. I think Patrick's gonna cry. Just my prediction. And Jason better get off his high horse, get with Elizabeth and go to Robin's wedding. I love Jason Morgan, but man is he stupid sometimes.

Okay, done with that, I'm going back to reality.


Amy said...

I have not been watching GH...I know I know, bad bad RS fan :D

I know of people (in real life!!) who got married in the Catholic church who had their CHILD serve in the wedding. What is more proof of pre-marital you know what than THAT???!!!

Aim said...

okay, maybe I'm way off base then. What the heck do I know?!?!

lynn said...

Only one of the couple needs to be Catholic. My hubby is not and we got married in a Catholic church. They did go through the speil to ask him to convert but he did not have to. And you do have to go to the pre-marital counseling thing they mentioned on the show, but it takes longer than the couple weeks they are doing it in the show (soap time).

One of the big things that bothers me on GH (and other shows) about religion is these mobsters offing people but then praying for their family, seeing them in the chapel when a loved one is in the hospital, wearing crosses. Huh?? lol

Aim said...

See, I am a bit out of the loop. I agree with the mobster thing. I always thought that was weird. I'm glad that Kate (on GH) finally nailed it when she was talking to Sonny.