Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Friday...this week I forgot about PPPP

and remember Best/Worst. I have some cute pix ready, but I've been home the last 2 days (of my own choice) and got busy doing other things, so I'll save the photos for next week.

Best/Worst this week are: Best - I only worked a three day week. Did some home projects yesterday and a whole lot of nothing today. (well, that's not entirely true, I did do some homework and go grocery shopping).

Worst - Lyric has to go in next week for an MRI. She's been having headaches almost daily since June. We've tried some meds and some symptom treating, but it's not really getting better. After the MRI, she will go see a neurologist and we will go forward from there. The neurologist that her peditrician referred us to would not be my first choice (sometimes working in the medical field can be a bad thing) so I'm weighing the options of this doctor versus one that is farther away (Can you say DeKalb, Lynn?!?!) Anyway, my first thought, of course, is brain tumor. Even though this is not a brain tumor sort of presentation. It's probably something easy, but still, I'm scared. She is having the MRI with and without contrast. Which requires an IV. Lyric hates needles....Let me rephrase that, Lyric would rather jump off the Eiffle Tower than have an IV. She's been warned, and I'm trying to prep her for the over all experience, but she's bigger than I am and probably stronger. I hope they have the big guys working that night.

I'll keep you posted on the events/results, but for now, just a quick prayer for good news would be really nice.

Til next time....

Quick addition...talked with my brother's fiancee tonight. She had a similar headache issue that related to puberty, and she still has really bad headaches at her "time". I know there are so many possibilities, most nothing.
I forgot to mention my complete breakdown Thursday night. Lyric had a performance at school, so we were out for a bit, but Jazz did over 2 hours of homework and still wasn't done, it was after ten, I was tired (not to mention premenstral myself), stressed about school, about Lyric, about the neurologist, and more. I would have been okay, but Fisher asked if I was okay and I lost it. I was bawling. I think I just needed to get it out but I think it scared him a bit too because I'm not usually that person. Oh, sure, I can cry at drop of a hate for an emotional commercial or get caught up in a show, but usually at home, I'm pretty strong. Just too much stuff all at once. It was a good thing I had two days off, or I might have quit my job. LOL


lynn said...

Prayers being sent your way. I'd be scared too. I hope Lyric is OK! Keep us posted.

Sooz said...

I'll definitely keep Lyric in my prayers.

I spaced out Foto Fiesta Friday too, the kids had a day off today from school so my internal schedule is all messed up!

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Amy, loads of love and prayers and support headed your way. I think all will be fine, but until you know that for sure, it's understandable how you feel. And it's okay to feel all that you do!

Hang in there!