Friday, April 24, 2009

St Louis

Blog disclaimer- I had to repost this because somebody left a bunch of crap comments. Sorry!

Lyric is on her way to St Louis for the 2009 Band Trip/Competition. She's very excited about this trip. (Well, actually, any trip) and I'm nervous. Last year I wasn't as bad. I know that she will be fine and she'll be taken care of, but maybe it's because she's about to be a high schooler and I know that she's growing up and I'll have less and less control over what she does. yikes!I'm looking at our New York Itinerary again. Man, are we going to be busy! But so many cool things to see. click here to see some of the places we will go. But we also get to see things like: the Dakota Building, Columbia University, Grant's Tomb, shopping at the Time Warner Center!, and the Strawberry Fields Memorial.
Busy, Busy, Busy! Our family vacation is going to be all about relaxing: except for the little fishing competition that we have going on. I always say that I'm going to catch the biggest fish, but don't usually fish. This year, I think we'll have one day that everybody fishes, and then there will be prized for *most fish, *biggest fish, *smallest fish, etc.
With all these wonderful photo ops, I might need to get a bigger memory card for my camera.

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