Friday, April 03, 2009

More Changes

Due to the whirlwindy, roller coaster my life has been on lately, I'm all swirly inside. I made my decision to focus on other things besides school, and signed up with 31 gifts. I was super excited about this opportunity, even though it was a plan B. Now that school has come through, 31 is going to the "parking lot". I'm going to opt out and focus on school for right now.

I've got my classes scheduled for the next two semesters, and I'm planning ahead for January. I know that time is going to be flying by. There are a couple of projects that I need to complete in my current job, as well as looking for a new job (by December) that will better work with school.

Oh, my! There's so much to think about and plan and gear up for. I can't do much right now besides think, so I'll still be around, but once school kicks in....well, we'll wait and see.

Thanks to all my regular and new readers. I plan to continue to entertain you on a regular basis.


Amy said...

That is great. Seems like you have lots to work towards. Good luck and best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I finally figured out how to add my follow me button on my blog so I hope you will add yourself to it-- I am following you!!
Looking forward to it

Tammy said...

Good luck!

I found you from Follow Me Club - I am now a follower. said...

Following from MBC! and SITS!