Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great American Bake Sale

Have you ever been hungry? I mean really hungry?? Well, everyday lots of kids are hungry, especially during the summer. This year I'm participating in the Great American Bake Sale (GABS) and I'm hoping you can help. I don't have a date set, but I'm going to enlist the help of my girl scouts. We are going to try to raise $300. We are doing a bake sale- bake sale and a no bake - bake sale. The no bake is monetary donations.

Click Here if you can donate $. Or, if you would like to do your own GABS, click Here .

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Hello! I'm visiting from SITS and wanted to say hi.

I think this sounds like a really great project. I volunteer with a youth group and see all kinds of kids in need on a regular basis. This sounds like something we could maybe get involved in.