Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soapbox part two

Actually, I'm not stepping up, I'm just updating.

Remember this, well, there's more. Lyric texted (is that a word??) me from school yesterday. K was really upset because her parents had gotten in a HUGE fight the night before and her dad left. Left! Walked out. The kids: J (17) , K (14) and A (8) went to their aunt's house for the night, and K was so afraid/scared/stressed. I just wanted to go to school and give her a hug, and I've never actually met this kid yet! K wasn't sure if the fight/dad's leaving had to do with the boyfriend situation. She tried to stay away and keep A away (A is her little brother and he's autistic) so he wouldn't get upset.

As of this morning, dad was back home, but everybody was still stressing.

I feel bad for them, but it really puts the craziness from the Random Thoughts House into perspective. We are together, not fighting (for the most part) and working through our little issues.

If you are inclinded, say a little prayer for K's family that it all works out. And if you feel like it, say a little prayer for us as well.


Jennifer said...

Yikes! I will make sure to pray for them! I hope they'll be able to work it out!

Unknown said...

It makes you realize that your family's not so bad.
Please vote for my card this last week-Im almost there!