Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas and all that! I'm starting to get a little more excite about tomorrow. I have a feeling that this might be our last "santa" Christmas, and I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can. I have a few gifts left to wrap, but overall, I'm ready for tomorrow.

We are getting more snow today and even though it is making the roads crazy slippery, it's the kind of light, fluffy snow that you should get at Christmas time. I wanted to take a pix but my memory card is full, so tonight I need to dump everything to the computer so I don't miss anything tomorrow.

Lyric got an ipod touch for her birthday. I'm hoping that Santa is bringing me one tonight. I know I won't get the camera or the car (and probably not the vacation) so I'm holding out for the touch. I must say though, Fisher is a very good gift giver. He is very generous and sometimes gets me stuff I didn't even know I wanted (like a couple years ago when he got me an ipod nano- that now I can't live without) So, whatever he gets me will be great. And since I know I've surprised him (because his gift is at my mom's) I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

Side note- Fisher called last night to make sure he had my mom's phone number. Do you think that he's hiding my gift over there as well?!? Wouldn't that me funny.

Don't forget- Jesus is the reason for the season


Amy said...

Hope you get something awesome!

I love how you have that little saying at the bottom. Too many people take it all for granted and it shouldn't be that way.

lynn said...

Merry Christmas Amy! Hope you get your ipod!