Wednesday, December 10, 2008

holiday Traditions

In getting ready for Christmas, there are lots of things to be done. At our house, Fisher puts up the tree then the kids and I decorate. This year, I've realized that when the kids move out, I won't have any ornaments for my tree. LOL. Well, that's not entirely true. We have "our First Christmas" ornament and I get the fabulous decade ones from Hallmark. (one for each year). There's a few others in there, but I think I get new ornaments when Lyric moves out. :-) Fisher usually hangs the first Christmas one, so that is one of our traditions.

I do 90% of the Christmas shopping for the kids and the family. I usually don't mind shopping, but I hate buying just to buy, especially when I don't know what the nieces and nephews are into. I also do the wrapping of the previously mentioned gifts.

Fisher puts up some sort of lights outside. This year it's a spotlight on the wreath hanging on the house. Very cool.

The kids and I usually bake cookies with my mom. We don't have this set up yet, but Jazz was just asking about it the other day.

Christmas Eve is at our house with a 10pm church service to follow. Christmas eve is at Fisher's older brother's house. It's been that way for years, and it works out pretty good.

What are your holiday traditions???

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Sooz said...

My husband puts up a train-in-lights on the street side of our house every year, we're the "train house" in the neighborhood at holiday time. That's his job if he does nothing else over the holidays :). Other than that we have to do the milk-and-cookies for Santa and for ornaments, my mom has given me a Snowbabies ornament at Christmas for every year my husband and I have been married. If she continues the tradition on I should be getting Snowbaby #16 for Christmas this year :).