Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Santa....

I've been a good girl and I know that I don't usually post twice in one day (especially one right after the other) but since Christmas is so close, I wanted to make sure that you knew what was on my list. In case you are out finishing up some shopping or something. (these gifts are in no certain order or importance)

Yes, I'm a gamer. I've always loved video games and if you bring me a Wii, I promise to share with the rest of the family. I will, really!

I know our family vacation was like 7 months ago, and I know that you want me to relax after working so hard to be so good this year, so if you want to send Fisher and I to Greece for a week, I'm sure that I can get the time off of work.

Ipod touch. What more can I say. I'm a music fan. and a gamer. and a internet freak. So what better gift for me.

I love my current camera, and I think I even figured out a good setting for concert photos, but doesn't this camera look awesome!??!

This is my favorite car right now. The Chevy Impala. I've driven a couple of different ones (This is what I get whenever I need to rent a car) and I LOVE this car. I don't usually have any preferences for cars. It goes, stops, heats, plays music- good enough. But if I could have any car it would be this. I know it won't fit under the tree but it would fit in the driveway.
Thanks for flying all over the world to bring good kids like me just what they want on Christmas!


Amy said...

Great list, I could use a nice vacation myself.

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Dear Amy, you DO want it all! Why not--gor for it, I say. And if you get to Greece, pack me away with ya okay? I can ask Santa for THAT! LOL


Unknown said...

Interesting....same things on my list..with slight modifcation...have the Wii....looking for the Wii Fit from Santa...definitely need a vacation, definitely need a digital/slr camera like the one you posted, Itouch (I live vicariously through my 11 yo who has one) I would substitute that for a new cell phone with internet....and could use a new car too... alike we are :-)!!!