Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To Do List

This is the start of my To Do List. I will update/add as necessary, and eventually there will be a link over to the side so you can see what I'm doing. This is in no particular order.

*Complete NaNoWriMo (I've participated, but not yet completed)
*complete the 100 push up challenge (this starts 1/1/09)
*play a game of tennis
*learn a song on the piano
*list of 25 things that inspire me (to be looked at when I need some inspiration)
*get a college degree
*publish a second fiction book
*read the bible
*publish a non fiction book (I've always wanted to write Rick Springfield's biography)
*get a family photo taken (more often!)
*read all Harry Potter books
*travel to Australia
*travel to Greece
*create a book of my favorite photos (more inspiration?!?)
*inventory CD's, DVD's and books as well as electronics etc around the house
*complete AHA instructor course
*go to a non Rick Springfield concert (2/15/09-Motley Crue, Hinder, Theory of a Deadman and Last Vegas!)
*participate in a walk/run for charity (4/11/09 Red Shoe Run for organ donor awareness)
*take kids to Disney
*join a writer's group
*write a book/story with the girls
*create a family "holiday" calendar
*See Lyric graduate High school
*See Lyric graduate college
*See Lyric get married
*See Jazz graduate high school
*See Jazz graduate college
*See Jazz get married
*host an annual family game night
*participate in a support group for infant/child loss
*learn to knit

Meet Rick Springfield has always been on my list. Nice to finally cross that off!
So has meet Barbara Delinsky- does a 15 minute phone call count?
Publish a book- done!

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