Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"101 Things" to a "Bucket List"

I'd like to say that I'm blogging with my Ipod touch, but I'm not that savy yet. Maybe someday.

I started working on my 101 things list 12/1. It's 12/30. I'm giving up. Well, not so much giving up as changing. I decided to transfer it to my "Bucket List"...or as I like to call it, "All the things I want to do before I die" or "My Lifetime to do list". some of the 101 things will transfer very nicely to the new/revised list. Some will just have to be forgotten. But I'm okay with that. I spent some time thinking about all the things I want to do and all the things I need to do. Then I decided that having a list of 101 things was too much pressure. There will still be things to do, items checked off, and photos of aforementioned things. Just here, instead of a seperate blog. And since I have "A lifetime" to complete them- the pressures off, or at least lightened.

So, once I get the new list written, I'll post it here. You'll get to see it and maybe get some ideas of things that you would like to do too! And now I'll be able to put things on the list that are farther in the future (trip to Greece for 20th anniversary, see Lyric & Jazz get married, be a grandma!)

I don't look at it as quiting. I look at it as realizing I jumped in with both feet before I really thought out the whole process. 1001 days is a really long time. And what if there was something that I didn't get done?!? Would I beat myself up about it? Would it really matter? A To Do list is nice because it is just things that I would like to do/make happen in a less stressful form.

Another nice thing about a to do list is you can add things and take away things as necessary. With the 101 things, I was kind of locked in to, well, 101 things....LOL

So, here's to a new year. A less stressful, more organized, fun year!


lynn said...

It's totally not giving up. Just a reorganization of the list! I personally prefer the idea of the bucket/life (whatever you want to call it) list. It leaves room for changes and additions when you find things you never knew you even wanted to do!

Sooz said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the list in whatever form it takes :). It's your list and you can change it to whatever you need or want it to be!

Amy said...

Looking forward to it. You know, my top 3 things to do at one time were to get married, have kids, and meet Rick Springfield. yay, I did those, although that first one didn't quite work out, but I still did it :) Plus, I got to meet Rick at least 4 times...double yay!