Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm linked

I have been a fan of JAKonrath since I read his first Jack Daniels book. Now, we are linked! You should see a link to the side for his blog, if you click on his name in this post, you will get to his website. (He has both). He writes crime humor. I'm sure that he doesn't classify it as that, but really, it is. It's intriguing, gory, funny, entertaining. Anyway, if you go to his blog, I'm linked too.

On his website he also has this really cool picture thing. Slide. I went to make one for this blog, but most of the photos were very pixely. So, I'll have to keep playing with it.

I'm also reading Stephanie Meyers Twillight series. This is a HUGE break from my norm, but I loved the first book. I'm having trouble getting into the second one. And, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, I already know some of what will happen in the last book. (There are actually 4 in ther series).

And, today, I've been made aware that a couple of Lyric's friends are not allowed at our house anymore. Why, you might ask. And a good question it is. Because Fisher and I require that all phones (home and cell) be out of the bedrooms at 9pm. Even those belonging to Lyric's friends who spend the night. apparently, their parents will no longer allow them to spend the night becuase of this. Because they need to have the phone in case the parents need to contact them. In the middle of the night. When they are sleeping. Okay, I know that it is a sleep over and the girls don't really sleep, but I would never need to call Lyric at 1am, unless it was an emergency. When I told her that the parents could call the home phone in case of emergency, she about lost her mind. What is everybody's thoughts on this?? Am I completly off base??

So, anyway, that's what's up in my world. What's going on with you?


Amy said...

I've started the twilight series also! I am having a hard time getting into the second one also, but only because school has started here already and I have a sick kid today, so it's on the backburner for now. I can't wait to see the movie.

Sooz said...

I had to comment on the cell phone issue, and no, you are not off base! The home phone works just fine for emergencies. Hey we survived not having cell phones at ALL growing up, so they will survive without being tethered to it at night :).