Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Photo Finish

This is a favorite photo of mine because the girls were having so much fun. We were at a "free" concert near Chicago. Okay, really, it was Rick Springfield in Arlington Heights. Anyway, the girls were having fun, had just gotten back from going on some rides and were looking forward to the concert. It was H's (on the left) first concert. Lyric, in the middle, had written on her shirt "my mommy says don't talk to stranger", and Jazz, on the right, was glad to be hanging out with the big girls.


Lori said...

How cute!! They look like they're at Woodstock, with those flowers in their hair. :)

Jennifer said...

Very cute girls--it looks like they were having a great time!!

Susie said...

Ahhh...Rick Springfield...he looks just as good now as he did then:-) But, you should tell Carrie that he didn't sing 867-5309!! I think that was Tommy Tutone or something like that.