Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spelling Words...Homework

Here's how the conversation started:

Me (to Jazz): Do you have homework?
Jazz: Math, and Language Arts. But the Language Arts isn't due until Friday.
Me: Well, let's at least get it started because tomorrow is dance, and you don't want to save it all until Thursday night.
Jazz: But it's not due til Friday
(can you just hear the whining??)
Me: Sit here with me and let's look at it. We'll do a little bit now.
Jazz: Fine. here it is.

And by IT she means, a packet- 6 of the spelling words- define, synonyn, antonym, use it in a sentence and draw a picture. It doesn't sound so bad, right. Here are some of the words.





seriously?!? Foisted?? I've never said that word as many times in my whole life as I said it last night. seriously. At least Jazz already had the words and the definitions written down. I admit, I pulled out the laptop and started looking up synonyms and antonyms for her. I'm not sorry either, because that crap was hard for ME! A college student. How is a fourth grader supposed to get it. And thank goodness we did not wait until Thursday, I just might have been kicking myself in the head. Or doing the WHOLE thing for her, which would defeat the whole purpose of her learning something new.

Bring on 4th grade! I'm gonna learn all kinds of stuff this year.


Amy said...

I hate homework. My oldest is in 6th and its HARD!! I had to have her get her dad to help her with the math last nite because I could not understand...sad, huh!

Aim said...

So you "foisted" the help to him?? LOL

lynn said...

4th grade? Foisted?? I don't even know what that means! lol I can't wait for the kids to go back and have some free time during the day, but I am so not looking forward to the homework!