Monday, August 04, 2008

Mama Mia! Venus (is) In Overdrive

Hello, blog readers! How was your weekend? mine was very...musical. As you all know, (or you should anyway) Venus In Overdrive came out last week. My girls are enjoying the music as much as I am, and that's saying someting. Then, Friday night, we went to see Mama Mia!. I wasn't totally sure what to expect. I have heard good things about the stage show, and I knew it was base on/included ABBA music. I loved this movie! Great job on the casting (although the singing was okay), and the scenery was gorgeous. I think I'm going to Greece. :-) So, then Saturday, I boot up the desktop computer, and find the "old" Mama Mia! Soundtrack. You know, I one I got from the library like 2 years ago and nobody ever wanted to listen to. I made a CD. The girls are going back and forth between MM and VIO.

Lyric likes "Money, Money, Money" and "Thank You for the Music", "Saint Sahara" and "Jessie's Girl (acoustic version)".
Baby likes "Honey, Honey" and "Mama Mia", "What's Victoria's Secret?" and "Jessie's Girl (acoutstic version)"
Mommy likes "Mama Mia" and "Thank You for the Music", "Venus In Overdrive" and "Oblivious"

And Saturday night, we went to see "Thoroughly Modern Millie". Cute show, l o n g, but the girls enjoyed it. Their first babysitter was the lead.

Yesterday, I spend a couple of hours working on "A Soft Impeachment". Chapters 1-6 are done! It looks like the total will be nine or ten chapters, I am easily half was done. i just need a few more hours. Then a couple of clicks to uplaod to lulu and you all will be able to enjoy it too.


lynn said...

Cool that your girls love the CDs too. Tiger had to have WVS on her ipod! Haven't seen MM yet, my mom wants me to go with her. She loves Abba's music.

Good going on the book. Keep it up!

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Amy, that's so cool the girls love the CD, too! I love some of the songs, and am growing to love more of them the more I listen to it.

And Mamma Mia is one of my fave stage shows. I loved the musical, too, even though, as you said, the singing wasn't THE best. But man oh man, Greece is SO beautiful! I will definitely see this movie again. Probably not as much a Phantom (24 times on the big screen, but who's counting? LOL), and will definitely buy the DVD.
Who knew Abba was so cool? I didn't when they were out. LOL

Cool about TMT.


Sooz said...

We've got the same listening pattern going on in our house since my daughter and I saw "Mamma Mia" this weekend too. In fact I just packed both MM and VIO for rental car tunes for our trip, plus loaded them onto the iPods :).

I agree, Greece looked so beautiful!