Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A couple of things

First of all- Happy 15th Anniversary to me (and Fisher). what a ride! I'm looking forward to the next 15. We were the first of 5 weddings in his family in less than 4 months. We got married at the courthouse, a week later his little, I mean younger, brother got married. In October, his little sister got married. She actually had two weddings in one day, as her husband is from India. They had a Lutheran ceremony and a Hindu ceremony. Then Fisher and I had our church wedding in December. I'm happy to say that all 3 couples are still together.

Second of all- I just figured out my perfect job. My friend Lynn, posted the other day about all of her blogs on her blog reader. I was thinking to myself, there's not that many I read EVERY day. But then I looked at my bookmarks, and oh yes there is. Everytime I read a blog, I check to see whatelse they are reading that might be interesting to me. If I see something I like, I bookmark it. I can't say I check them all everyday, but I check them all every week. And the list is getting longer. As the bloggers I regularly check add and change what they're reading, my list changes. I get daily google alerts on Rick Springfield and Sahara Aldridge, and sometimes, I find a blog that I bookmark. I search for information for myself, for work, for the kids, and I find a blog that I bookmark. So, what does all of the mean?? My perfect job is sitting at the computer reading blogs. Yup. If I can find somebody to pay me to do that, I'm so there.

P.S. Lynn, thanks for the help. I think I did it right!


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am with you! I want to get paid to read blogs too, I do it all thruought the day! :D

lynn said...

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day.

Me three on getting paid to read blogs. Sounds like a plan.

And yup, you did it right! You're welcome.