Monday, August 11, 2008

So Much Going On...

in my head anyway. I have a bunch of stuff I want to say, but I'll save some of it for another time.

I don't usually post pix of the kids, but these are too funny not to. There's a bit of backstory, too.

Lyric had her Starlight banquet on Friday. My friend, Kelley had a wedding to go to so her youngest, we call him "E", spend the night at our house. So, I take all of the kids to the park. I wanted to get some nice pics of Lyric in her dress. I take one and guess what?? Camera battery is dead. Unprepared mommy that I am, I have no back ups. (I really thought I didn't need my camera case!??!?!!?- note to self, always take camera case!) Anyway, so Lyric goes the bangquet.

I take the little kids home and make sidewalk paint. They start innocently enough.

then I say, "Don't get that all over E." And where do their minds go?!? We'll here's the finished product.

I had to throw them both in the shower as well as washing clothes and shoes, but it doesn't really matter because they had a great time.

Then, when Lyric got home after the party, I was able to make her keep the dress on for a couple shots.

and then I notice that the dog keeps showing up in the photos. Too funny.

P.S. the sidewalk paint was really easy to make, and way cheaper than the Crayola stuff. Cornstarch, water, and food coloring.


lynn said...

Oh, no!! I'm cringing at you mentioning dead batteries in your camera! lol How could you?
Cute pics!

Aim said...

I know, Lynn, I know. That's the second time it's happened. I vow to not leave the house without the camera and the case and extra batteries! Charged!!!

ALLY2HisHeart said...

Ah ha--you HAD to share those cute pics. Methinks your dog is a spotlight hog! LOL.