Friday, August 08, 2008

Cleaning "House" Again

Most of my loyal readers (all two of you) know that I will be heading back to college in a couple of weeks. I'll be taking three classes this semester, plus working, plus being a girl scout leader, plus running the kids around (baby just signed up for dance class) , plus being a mom and a wife, and a bride'smaid (my brother is getting married next spring).

So, anyway, I have been "cleaning house". I deleted the blog I was going to start "Summer of truth", I deleted the blog "moment in time", I deleted the blog "making money your way". These are things that I can still touch on if/when I have time. But I won't feel pressured everytime I log into blogger and see that I haven't posted there for days/weeks/months.

I've ordered most of my books. I've bought the kids school supplies. I've spent time working on "A Soft Impeachment" (I would LOVE to have this done before school starts). I bought a new planner so I can keep track of everything. I'm instituting a new plan at home.

In addition to the wall calendar that holds the important appointments, we will be using a notebook. cheap spiral from Wal Mart (can you save 5 cents?!?) and each day starting with this Sunday gets a page. I can write down what is going on any given day (70 days worth) and what else I need to accomplish that day. Some of these things the kids can help with (sweeping/vacuuming) , some of it is so hubby can see why I'm so busy, some of it is so I don't forget to do something. "mom has a test tomorrow" or "mom has to study" should be seen A LOT. LOL Actually anybody in our family will be able to write stuff in it. When it's done (say sweeping) it gets crossed off and we know that it got done. I love lists, but I especially love crossing things off of lists. And as least I'll be able to see that nobody swept for 5 days and do it or make somebody else step up. (Not like the dust bunnies and dog hair won't tell me!)

So, that's my plan. You should still see me posting regularly here and over at BeautifulYou. But the other blogs are gone, for now. And I'm okay with that.

P.S. Lynn, I did it again, without looking at your notes!

P.P.S. If anybody has any suggestions for Baby, let me know. I've been thinking for awhile that that's not really appropriate, most of the time. She is 9.


lynn said...

You are one busy lady! I like that notebook idea. It's usually just me that is keeping track of everything in our house. I have a datebook that I make daily lists in. I'm a list maker too, but sometimes I have too many going. I have little pieces of paper all over the house with lists and notes on them! lol

Sooz said...

Girl you are busy! I am starting school in the fall, so I might pick up some of your ideas for organizing, I am going to need them!