Monday, August 30, 2010

packing up, going to a wedding, and watching TV

Hello, my fellow bloggers.  It's been a while and I just wanted to update you all on, well, ME.  I started packing up my office today.  My last full day here is next Wednesday (Sept 8) so I figured I'd start slow.  So as to not traumatize my co workers or myself.  I'm really looking forward to my new job, and time off during the week!, but it will be a bittersweet change.  That's another reason why I wanted to do it slow.  And I can guarantee that my photos won't come down until about 4:30 on the 8th.  I don't think I could work here if all my "decorations" were gone.

It's less than two weeks til my best friend's wedding (Not the movie, a real wedding).  I got to see some of the flowers yesterday.  They are really cool.  The maid of honor's is slightly different from the brides and the bride's maids are slightly different from the maid of honor.  This weekend we are having a cookout in lieu of a bachelor/bachelorette party because, let's face it, at 40 something, who really needs to do that who gig.  It will just be hanging out, eating and drinking, and laughing.  I'm sure I will have lots of photos from the party and the wedding (Lyric, Jazz and I are all involved in the wedding) so I will post some of those.

And finally, my newest guilty pleasure:  "Growing Up Twisted".  Yes, that's right.  Dee Snider and his family on reality TV.  (I've also been known to watch "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels").  I love the Snider family.  However "real" they are for TV, they seriously have had some ups and downs.  And Jesse Blaze is awesome.  You may have seen him come in second on VH1's "Rock The Cradle".  He's married now and has a very cute little girl.  I don't know why I watch this stuff, but I do.  Thank goodness for DVR.  :-)


lynn said...

You gotta watch stuff like that once in a while to know that there are people out there more messed up than we are, right? LOL

Unknown said...

Have fun with the wedding. I am shooting one this weekend-rather be going to one!