Wednesday, March 24, 2010

101 things that will make you smile

Found this article on Yahoo today.  101 small pleasure you can enjoy everyday.  Thought I'd share will you all because who doesn't need a reason to smile throughout the day.  I'm highlighting some of my faves.

coloring (yes, grown-ups can do it, too)

crisp cotton sheets

soft skin

old family recipes

the first daffodils of spring

sleeping in

an exercise endorphin high

window boxes

a perfect cup of coffee

a genuine compliment (giving or receiving)

the way babies smell

a handwritten letter

waking up in a good mood...for no real reason

singing in the shower

finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket

doing something nice for your neighbor

a home cooked meal


movie theater popcorn

playing hookey

a bubble bath


an afternoon nap

street musicians

your favorite song

saying thank you

helping someone in need

old fashioned photo booths

fresh whipped cream

inspiring blogs

a glass of wine

rainy afternoons

the funny things kids say

a novel you can get lost in

finding the perfect piece of clothing...on sale

clean laundry

the wind in your hair

treating the person behind you at the drive-thru

sharing an umbrella

the smell of lavender

a long walk that clears your head

a bear hug

The Beatles

smiling at a stranger

eating with chopsticks (Chinese food optional)


staying in your pj's all day

singing along to the radio and knowing all the words

fresh herbs

ordering in pizza

happy endings...even if they're fictional

flying a kite


root beer floats

holding open the door...

...or having someone hold the door for you

fountain soda

white, fluffy towels


spending an afternoon at a museum

really great advice

green lights all the way home

the sound of rain hitting the windows

sitting in a booth

holding hands

a great hair day with no effort

building a fort with your kids

when someone falls asleep with their head on your shoulder


the perfect taco

geraniums on a windowsill

slow dancing

the smell of fresh-baked bread

cheesy, uplifting musicals

great stories

the smell of gasoline

the cold side of the pillow

love letters

old friends... friends

a pull-through parking space

a baguette -- crisp on the outside, airy on the inside

when a dog licks your hand

sitting at the counter at an old-fashioned diner

using your favorite dishes

reading your child a bedtime story

Girl Scout Cookies


kissing someone you love

the smell of onions and garlic cooking

hot chocolate

jumping in puddles

old photographs

birds hopping on the sidewalk

Ella Fitzgerald

a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar

your softest t-shirt

a new magazine in the mail


having exact change

bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning
so what are some of your small pleasures??  Is there anything that should be added to this list??

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lynn said...

I'd agree with many of those but some just need to come off that list. The smell of gasoline?? Really? LOL